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Weed preventing weight gain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Espinho, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I was skinny before I started smoking, but now after 6 months of daily use I've lost weight and look unhealthily.

    I've searched around and there seems to be a variety of different opinions, but some say weed speeds up metabolism?

    I think it might be more down to only eating when high and not consistently dieting. Do you think if I made an effort to eat more and work out whilst smoking then I'll be ok? Or do you think smoking will prevent progress?

  2. if ur working out without anyfat. ur just loosing weight. im 6 1. weighed 145 before probation. when i quit i dropped to 125. now im having those super high calorie shakes for breakfast in total there about 1500 calories. nd then i eat regular. ive gaained 10 pounds in the past 2 weeks. gonna keep gaining nd not working out till i hit about 150. nd then keep gaining till i reach about 170, which is what im supposed to wiegh
  3. I used to weigh 165 in high school and slowly during an 8 month break I went up to 190. Started smoking again and lost weight so I stopped recently.

    I'm pretty sure it does speed it up just because of this. I'm 6' 5" and my metabolism is fast enough so I'm stopping.

    I'm sure other people will know but that's what I think
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    You need more carbs. I was on a crazy workout regimen, 21 hours a week, trying to gain mad muscle. I ended up losing 5 lbs and getting marginally better proportionally (total lifts went down)

    Now that I'm on a 4000 calorie a day diet the gains are real.

    Get one of those apps that counts calories. My problem was I just wouldn't think of eating (and, I had a hatred for carbs...stupidity...). Record what you eat, notice time gaps when you dont eat, and start ramping up what you do eat. Try and shoot for 20% fats, bodyweight+20 grams of protein, and the rest carbs.
    Smoking weed probably taxes your body somewhat, making it expend some energy due to the interaction of THC/CBD/other. But its not significant if you eat enough.
  5. It speeds up your metabolism and youl burn twice the fat when u get high before u work out, alt of articles on it in medical magazines, don't know y people don't read more of those, all of these questions on tees forums would be answered f they just read medical magazines

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  6. ...twice the amount? If that were the case, marijuana would be everywhere for dieting.
    Please link those studies. Im calling bullshit on your claims.
 - 40% increase in ventilation; ventilation usually parallels metabolism, at a peak @ 15 minutes. Hardly a doubling of fat metabolism.
  7. no because it's illegal??? / can't link them cuz didn't read em on a website / I could try explaining it but I'd be typing fr good 5 mins an to lazy for that n id have to go bac and re read it all, somthing to do with blood as well I know it speeds up ur bloodflow, I jus know it speeds up your metabolism jus forget plus I know 1 of my friends gains weight extremely easy ,everytime he smokes he loses a pound to a couple pounds n he eats way more after he's stoned so dunno

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  8. Never heard this one before, I gained weight when I started smoking. Just smoke and Munch out

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  9. This actually happens to me. I'm a small guy with a very high metabolism. I graduated high school and gained like 20 lbs starting to smoke and became daily use, I ate so much more, and lost weight. I then quit smoking for about 6 months, worked out, and gained a ton of weight, the heaviest I've ever been. I'm starting to smoke again but have been sitting comfortably at the same weight. Drink protein powder and lots of chocolate milk.
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    Who cares about illegal - pharma would be making cannabinoid diet supplements you can be damn sure of it if this worked.(ofc a weaker version)
    If they were in a magazine, they are online in a database. If you remember anything about them, you can find them easily with a few key words, especially in the title.
    Fuck, re-read them? You have this shit still? Please, educate us stupid stoners who are too lazy to read. Take a picture of the article so that we may find it.
    You're simply full of shit. You can't go from having a basal metabolic rate of 2000 calories, to 5500, from hitting a joint. If that were the case, I would be dead. A couple pounds? So now we're talking 9000 calories a day - good luck.
    Protein powder is bad for weight gain. You want them carbs. Eat fruit all the time. Or get a mass gainer. OP if you actively lift though, ignore this (but still add lotsa fruit, beans, rice, quinoa, etc to your diet)
    Up until last semester I would have 4 scoops protein powder + water for lunch.
    Now I have 3-5 bananas. I gained about 4 pounds doing this before my 4kcal diet
    Now, chocolate milk... mhmmm that's the shit.
  11. Pharmas already doing that? you gotta get in the loop/ il look through my magazines n take a pic of it when I find it/ u can think what u want lol just look up treating yourself magazine and weed world magazine, read all their articles, and cannabis now

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  13. oooh medical mags? I was expecting Science, or something of that sort. Treating yourself? Weed world? Lmao, shit bro thats not a medical mag.
  14. genetics, stress, nutrients etc. weed has nothing to do with it 
  15. I'm 6'1 304 lbs, when i smoke i actually eat less, but my food choices are better. Just put some research into a diet and workout program to fit your goals and things will work out fine
  16. Keep in track of your calories and how much you're consuming. It takes 3500, sometimes 4000 calories to reach towards the nxt pound.
    - Always start the day off with Breakfast. Mix in complex carbohydrates (whole grain breads, whole grain bagels, whole grain cereals, quinoa, oatmeal, etc), Simple carbohydrates (yogurt, parfait, fruits) w/Proteins (egg, meat, turkey, chicken) and Fats (peanut butter, butter, nutella). Liquids can be milk, orange juice, V8 splash, fruit smoothies.
    - For Lunch, follow the same format, but add in potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, fish, green veggies, poultry, brown rice, whole grain pasta, etc.
    - Add in a nutritious snack: Nuts, almonds, granola bars, cranberry trailmix, banana w/peanut butter, celery w/ peanut butter, fruits ( kiwi, mangoes, grapes, cherries, plums, orange, watermelons)
    - Increase the frequency of your meals, but distant them 2-3 hours apart. 
    - Hydrate with water
    If you make a heavy consuming meal, let it settle in.
  17. Weight loss and weight gain are simple. it's all about calories. 
    I know all the talks about how simple carbs boost insulin and prevents fat loss, how carbs make you fat and gain weight.
    In fact carbs would be your number one enemy if you want to gain weight. Carbohydrates make you full, really full. And they really aren't that calorie-dense. 
    What I would suggest is the same as other people would suggest, track your calories. 
    when you are in a caloric surplus (consume more calories than you burn), you can weight no matter what.
    our bodies burn calories constantly to keep you alive, and the amount you burn is purely genetic (and how active you are too).
    So being a skinny person like you, your metabolism is naturally high and it requires more calories. Let's say your body burns 3000 calories a day . Therefore you need to consume more than 3000 a day. 3500 calories is roughly a pound, eating at 500 calories surplus daily would give you 1lb a week of weight gain (this is just very rough)
    So now you just need to find out how much calories your body burns exactly. track your calories for a month or so, see your weight gain and determine whether to increase the amount you eat or decrease. When your weight stays the same at a given calories intake, that will be your the amount where you "maintain" your weight. 
    too troublesome?
    Easier way to just remember to eat. I too forget to eat or not have the appetite when I'm really stoned. 
    getting 3000 calories shouldn't be too hard if you live in the states :p 
    but if health is also a concern to you and you don't want junk food
    add healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, any kind of nuts to all your meals. They are very dense in healthy fat (which is 9 calories a gram compared to 4 calories a gram with carbs!), and healthy fats simply counters unhealthy fats.
    Juices and milk also have high calories and you won't get full easily.
    When you are in a caloric surplus, you will gain weight for sure!  :hello:
  18. Lifting weights, doing bodyweight exercises with a proper diet will build muscle and burn fat.
    Just have to put in the effort. The weed has nothing to do with it.
    Calories in calories out
  19. oh my god so many typos. I apologize haha I'm high
    new account...
    new account supporting a wild story from a new account...
    bullshit story now...from a new credible proof or reference to support it...
    now making shit up...excuses...and still no proof or references to support a bullshit story/claim
 went on a body building spree and gained some weight...and all those protein shake had nothing to do with it, it was a lack of pot giving you the munchies and instead pot was acting like meth on your body.....
 expected, excuses as to why others can't find out about the secret...and yet you are still unable to produce a credible reference to back up the bullshit claims...
    "this headshop pamplet article had this one kid say he had a friend who had a cousin who knew this guy..."

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