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weed politics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sevenleafcowboy, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. why are we americans made to suffer the burden of such tightly controlled so called freedoms. other countries except weed (for smoking) and I am elated that they do it's a step to true human rights bravo for you all !!! but we the people with only certain (controled) enaliable rights are fined and jailed for the practice of enjoying our freedom (limited) by firing up ! It's a damn plant come on ! let it go you damn governmental hippacrits!!! I make my choices I govern my self I respect If you dont want to smoke but dont force me to share your view when I wish not to.freedom of choice is exactly that... enough said,,,,,peace to all
  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately the United States government is the most stubborn on this issue. It seems as though we may be approaching a time when it will be totally legal but not without a shitload of nonsense that we will have to go through before the majority is convinced that there are no problems with marijuana.
  3. the United States government knows marijuana should be legalized but there not going to do it now because it would make them look bad infront of there drinking buddies!
  4. After much consideration of this issue, I believe that it all comes down to MONEY. There is BIG MONEY involved in KEEPING mj illegal.

    Just scan your local newspaper and tally-up all of the drug busts for one month. Each of those people busted, represents potential cash flow to local governments, court systems and the police, not to mention attorneys. The entire system has become a HUGE racket for the system. Combine all of those fines, court costs, and seizures and we're talking about billions of $$ per year for the system.

    The courts get their cut--fines, court cost fees. The cops get their cut--confiscations, seizures of money and property, and BIG federal $$ for racking up the busts. And of course the attorneys pull in their take from representing busted clients.

    I don't believe that the issue is a moral one anymore, like it once may have been. The government has lost it's moral authority to issue morality statements due to its own corruption and malfeasance. Do you trust your government? Most of us don't. So why should the government have any say in what folks choose to smoke? They don't give a damn about what you eat or drink, and could care less if you're overweight or develop heart disease from all of those Big Macs.

    Even when voters in California, Oregon, and Arizona voted to LEGALIZE mj for sick folks, the Not-S0-Supreme Court overturned the will of the voters! That was an incredible slap in the face to our democratic principles, and it proved that the government has ceased to be one For the people, By the people, and Of the people.

    They have become an entity that DICTATES practically EVERYTHING to the American people, despite the fact that the PEOPLE have consistently spoken their approval to legalizing mj. They (the government) have effectively become a somewhat fascist, authoritarian father-figure, who does not love or respect his children any longer. They simply tolerate us, and then threaten to lock us up if we don't do exactly what we're told.

    Friends, that is not the government that our great founding fathers would have wanted us to have. I hate to say it, because I believe in respecting the law, but sometimes you just have to follow higher authority (God-based principles and conscience), and be your "own man (or woman)," much like the rugged pioneers were.

    This entire business of keeping a little plant illegal (maryjane), has become so ludicrous that it defies belief. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed yearly from alcohol, but it remains LEGAL. Now folks, something is very wrong with this picture.
  5. CannedSpan I agree with what your saying. I'd like to add a few things that me and a higher up official talked about.

    1 Alcohol and tobacco are still legal because the government can't make as much money if it were illegal.

    2 Weed on the other hand make the gov. more money being illegal.

    3 The government would like to make alcohol illegal again. The money they make off of taxes and legal fees pays to much.

    4 I was told by this person that if people were responsable users would make it easier to legalise weed. When you concider the amount of people who would be out on the roads when they were a little more intoxicated than they should be, you might understand why they do not want to legalise!

    When you get into the fast food ring, you have to understand, They pay the government to serve the type of food that skouldn't even be feed to wild dogs. BUT they pay their government.

    Ask yourself why we have laws at all.
    I'll give you an experienced answer from a person who is in the construction buisness.

    If people were to do right by others we would not need most laws. Greed is the number one reason for laws.
    Home builders for example!!
    If home builders wouldn't try to build a 100,000.00 dollar house for 10,000.00 dollars, codes wouldn't be so hard.

    Everybody wants to get rich overnight with out working. To do that you have to fuck over people and not give them what they afre paying for!

    Every one should do alot of thinking of why we have laws to understand why weed is not legal!
  6. I couldn't agree more, with everything you said,good call.I just read that one of the judges with the most seniority and pull said that prohibithion law is stupid and supports free smoking. I wish one of our lawmakers would have a realization like that don't you?

    Good Karma to all~

  7. people aren't responsable with alcohol because that is the nature of that drug. this (in my experience is not the case with cannabis... but since this "controlled" plant has no real controls its hard to implement a system of education of responsabilities with it. thus the system is creating the problem, not the drug.

    drugs exist. wether legal or not. we cannot change that. the same cannot be said for the laws. they can be changed.
  8. if drinking is legal, why isn't weed.
  9. it's complicated xplit. it goes alot on what happened in the thirties.

    but basically i think it can be summed up in one word...

  10. The law seeks to criminalise people whom society considers a threat - young people and many of those with alternative lifestyles or who have alternative views. It's illegal because of the ignorance of reactionary moral supremacists, who equate cannabis with all other illegal drugs.
  11. puff puff givv

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