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weed politics part 2

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sevenleafcowboy, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. here in the usa we are at a cross road. if they keep weed illegal then they will see a devistating in creasein bust and seasures, and an over crowed prison system the like of witch they could not emagine and an decrease in stock market because the envestors will eventialy get caut smokin too. when the government reallizes just how many americans smoke pot they will be in a virtual see of people .probbaly 80% of the voting public. but on the other hand if it is legalized they know every one will grow there own or a rather over welming number will then how to tax the smoke shops how to set driving laws for smoking if need be,thats a matter of how you determine whats to much smoke when people's tollarance levels are much greater in difference than that of alcohol cumsumption. for enstance the majority will agree that at least 85% of people can drive normal and with out indangering other lives while with verying thc levels one joint may have little efect and then again maybe one joint will be so potent may be you have no business behind the wheel. no matter how you look at it it will eventially be legal but there will be a very long addjustment faze for the pros and the cons. but I beleave violence will drop both damestic and family, but concern about national security will be the biggest issue of all ,they will say who is going to be straight enough to prtect our country if every one is stoned all the time. the goverment thinks they need us drug free to go to war or something... any how you view it the people are going to eventualy overrun the law on weedthe government is looseing the war on drugs because they spend so much time an tax dollars chasing a little plant that they over look the so much of the really harmful shit goin aruond.... you should decide for you govern your self ,you want change then each and every american that bis registerd to vote needs to sit down to day and write a letter to thier local government office (state level. stating that they are now governing their selves because the government is'nt working for them but for bigger government.... one voice is only one voice but one voice in every household is law changing....pick up a pen wright a letter make your voice known divided we are busted but united we are stoned..if you do nothing then nothing happens speak up and speak out or except things the way they are we are going towards capitalism if we just stand silent waiting for the next person to come along and say something you are the next pereson speak up man speak up! one load voice, we the people starts with I the person....
  2. (and so are they *points to all the animals and plants*)


    *Digit steps up to the soap box*
    mobile phones, burgers, tobacco, gasoline powered cars, sugar encrusted cereal, MonoSodiumGlutamate rich foods, alcohol, radiation from consumer electronic products, pollution from industry, pollution from agriculture (most particularly cotton production), non bio-degradeable plastic packaging, the destruction of rainforest to produce paper, flushing your toilets ignoring the fact that it goes out to sea, oil tankers spilling on coastlines, toxic industrial waste, biohazardous waste, radioactive dumpsites, Handguns, secret government issued Crack, foreign crop spraying (over humans too), genetic mutations, geneticly altered agriculture, genocide of native peoples world wide, protection of commodities over human & animal life, whale hunting, elephant hunting, torture, institutional racism, betrayal of the constitution, betrayal of the peace, abolishment of kyoto agreement, facism ("your either with us or against us"), CREATION of wars, production of weapons of mass destruction when there are people dying from famine & disease, destruction of the ozone layer, extinction of a species every 3 seconds, development of spy technology that watches and listens ALL the time anywhere, phamaceticals that cure one problem while secretly causing another 5, Nuclear weapons with enough power to destroy the world HUNDREDS of times over.

    the reason they won't legalise cannabis? they don't want us to think about all this.

    they've known for a very long time the full effects of cannabis... since the 60's they knew it could destroy cancer cells. since the before the 30's they knew it could replace most production materials as a cheaper safer and more efficient alternative... they've known since 5000 years ago, maybe longer that it has amazing medical properties.

    they knew. they don't want us to think about all this.

    "THEY" do NOT want us THINKING about this.

    think about it. and tell others to start thinking about it.

    think... act... write.

    they knew.

    it's time everyone did.

  3. Digit, you are exactly right. The world is going to hell-in-a-handbasket, and over here the govt has been waging a faux war on drugs since 1968. But this is one war that they don't ever want to win or lose--they simply want to maintain the status quo--so they can continue to arrest, confiscate property, send people off to jail, and suck BILLIONS of dollars from taxpayers in their "war" effort. In some parts of the USA, especially in small towns, someone getting busted for weed is BIG NEWS.

    What is so terribly sick about the whole thing is that most rapists once convicted will probably spend less time in the slammer than someone caught growing their own private garden of delights. Better to be a white-collar, corporate criminal in the USA--they NEVER go to jail even after looting millions from their companies.

    Is your theory that "they" (the government) are afraid that mj smoking causes folks to THINK too much, or too deeply--to the point that they become enlightened and more sensitive to serious issues?

  4. 68? check your history books dude. its been a war since the first battle back in 1928! check out a certain Mr Harry J Ansligner (the harbringer of doom) and his uncle and all his minions that have followed in his wake. capitalists are the ones forcing teh governments hand, and since bush won't do anything that would "harm the US ecconomy", he is unlikely to be the one to bring about change. and since the US gov's second major spree of anti pot propaganda in the 50's the total bill has now almost reached a whopping $5 TRILLION! for the states alone. and thats just the financial cost... what about the cost to human lives.

    yup. i couldn't have put it better myself.

    the world would be better off with fully legalised and FULLY utilized cannabis... but the shifts in industry seem too scary for most. there'd be massive changes in paper production, steel industry, cotton farming, plastics & oil industry and other fuel providers, all the pharmacetical giants would suffer, construction materials, agriculture would be turned on it's head (with MASSIVE benefits), well... the list does go on. suffice to say there would be alot of loosers (most of who currently have their hands wrapped tightly around the dangly bits of the government) and there would be a massive transitional period the likes of that have never been seen before. but if all the maths is done, you see it is for the best... for everyone.

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