Weed plant main stem split down the middle

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  1. Hey guys quick question I raised the lights for flowering last night and this morning the lights where fine I left the house at 6am for work I come back for lunch to check on the plants at 11am and the lights feel on the 2 plants I got causing it to split both main stems and some leaf burn.. Idk what to do besides type the main stems back together and tape it to make it secure.. idk if I was to late and air bubbles got into the plant or if im all good and should let the plant do it’s work after I tied them together..
  2. Do you have any pics? before and after "fix"?
  3. That happens allot with MJ plants … yes tape them back to getter and then drip on some rooting gel into the split ..

    Those little ratcheting pully's made to lower and raise your lights normally work flawlessly .
    Save your plants and your lights .

    The design of my trellis netting , I can drop a light on the plant and only hurt what is growing above that layer of netting .
    Right now < my first trying this trellis netting design my plants grow through 3 layers of netting

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  5. I don’t have any rooting gel right off hand I tied the plants together really tight and sprayed some water in the splits to have some type of water I clipped the leafs that’s where burned.. I hope the worst I get out of this is half a plant
  6. Your stems look thin ?
  7. The main stem is about a quarter thick the other stems are very durable not to thick not thin I’ve taped up and tied to secure every stem that was snapped I would just let them heal like it was super cropping it but the split fucked it up to make me feel uncomfortable with doing any other tops or any cropping to it.
  8. The picture with the plants that isn’t injured was taken on August the 14th I usually take videos of the plants lol
  9. U dont gel just tape it up I've split quite a few plants right down the middle. Last one was really bad n it healed itself up 2 weeks later was good as new. Sometimes splitting the stem can be benefical. Check out stem splitting online.
  10. I’m just worried about air bubbles i came home to a 600 watt and a 150 watt laying on my plants They could have been split open for 5 hours before I went and checked I had to cut and pull off many leafs to get it back looking right I kid y’all not the leafs look like they caught on fire..
  11. Lol shit happens weed plants are very resilient though they can take a beatdown n survive just baby it up and try not to have any more accidents. Make sure you have those lights secure now
  12. Silica May help in the future. Tape it up and see what it do.

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