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  1. It might just be me but i think that instead of money and all of that bullshit we just have people work at were they wanna work out basically u can be whatever and u just work for free but everyone has to work and the jobs like sewer and shit we can give to the people who are in jail or community service or somethin cause not to many people wanna do that....plus marijuana would be legal and everyone just stays high and happy all day...doesnt sound to bad to me would be weird but still
  2. You = Chatting Shit! wtf u talkin about, this thread even have meaning?
  3. i think hes on his way to discovering anarchy.......
  4. Um...... What r you talking about? :confused: JOE>
  5. lmao, put convicts to work for the sewers!
  6. that was the most fucking retarded thing i ever heard
  7. how bout a society where there are no convicts because everyone is sane. and the sewers can be cleaned by people but their wages are much higher than the people who tend gardens and such. and if we have a little social engineering people would be much happier. people wouldnt have to worry about dumb shit like money, they would have to worry about finishing a book or going to a concert.

    walden 2 anyone?
  8. I don't know about "Weed=Peace". Weed makes me pretty calm but I also have a zero tolerance level for bullshit. I get pissed real easily, especially if I think someone might kill my buzz.
  9. Haha, This sounds a little communistic to me, been reading Karl Marx Lately? :p
  10. "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them."

    ~Henry David Thoreau~

    Stay green!
  11. that almost made me cry

    i've been dreaming of a society like that for years. if we stopped worrying about stupid shit like money and war and religious fundamentalism (not to put down anyone on here whos religious, but i mean like telling other people they are going to hell because they dont worship the same god as you), then we could live in peace, and we would all try to better eachother, and EVERYONE would be happy and live a great life.

    a far out dream, but not impossible

    immagine all the people, living for today
    rip john lennon.
  12. Maybe not impossible, but so far out that as of now it's just a dot on the horizon. Now if we can find a deserted island and start a new community there, we may have less of an issue. That is, until someone decides to steal most of the plants from the vast fields of weed plants and we all turn against each other.

    Its human nature.

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