Weed past Carnival security at Jaxsonville Port

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by slimshadybaby, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I've done a ton of searching and get conflicting answers everytime. Really want to take about 20 grams. Already grinded. Have a balcony suite and bringing vaporizor. Will probably put vaporizer in my luggage with a bag of tobacco. ( it not illegal to vape tobacco.) Would like to tuck bud in my drawls. Just worried about dogs. Any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. You should be fine bringing it on board just make sure you don't bring any back with you at the end of the cruise.
  3. I have been on like 13 cruises...I also am assuming you are driving to the port?
  4. I have seen dog drugs at one port, maybe two after all the times I have been. Currently the second highest valued guest with RCL and have been on NCL as well as Carnival. I can't remember which cruise line had the dogs at port, but I never see rough security at visiting ports. Security is not hard to pass when dealing with cruises
  5. I am driving to port. Would the dogs smell my vaporizer on the way back?
    I know not to have any bud coming back. I remember seeing dogs sniff bags. I know my bag will be outted form the vaporizor odor.
  6. mail the vape back to wherever you live.
  7. I went on a carnival cruise about 4 years ago and I did see dogs... I had a used pipe and the dog sniffed my bag and kept going. I don't know if I simply got lucky or not but I didn't get caught lol ^^
  8. Just clean your vape with alcohol and salt in the bathroom before you get off.
  9. thats gay if they have drug dogs while you are boarding i could understand while you are coming back but fuck that if they have dogs while you are boarding...thats weak shit!

    i have walked by dogs in airports with trees before...i was sweating my nuts off but it was well worth it when i was the only one in Mexico with headies for a whole week..

  10. SWIM vacuumed seals it and has not only boarded many cruises, but countless flights.
  11. My girlfriends dad got caught with like a gram in security, but he said "it's medical from cali" he's a really good talker so he got through... but idk man you can but people get caught all the time
  12. when you first get to the port just scope that shit out. if theres dogs then ditch the bud or risk it if you want.
  13. Most of the dogs (about 9/10) on airports or boats are bomb sniffing dogs, not drug dogs.
  14. Ok I've wrapped a quater in a ziplock bag, put inside a oven turkey bag(heard those are odor proof) put 2 dryer sheets around wrapped in ducktape and repeated process. Hopefully I will be good.
  15. Thanks everybody for your advice. In my room vaping away..... so so so high : ) loving life. No problem getting on. Tucked in boxers and walk right in. Will be fucked up next 5 days

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