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Weed Party

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katosov, May 26, 2010.

  1. Don't spend too much money, and if your friends are going to bring some pot, don't stop them. Mostly just turn the TV up real loud, sit at the dinner table and play cards, those are some of the best times. Make everyone feel comfortable about being there, and make sure there's plenty of food for the munchies. Just make sure everyone is straight when they leave to drive home (don't let a guy that is completely slain drive home). Make sure you and everyone enjoys it.
  2. Music is key...make sure it's chill and fits the mood...can't go wrong with some good ol' Bob Marley
  3. Loads of munchies and some Floyd!

    Sit back and munch your way through Dark Side.
  4. you're the guy from the other thread that when someone was asking what quality his weed was (it was some low mids) you said it was dank. you sir know nothing about weed.

    noob? stop smoking mexican schwagg. a BLUNT OF DANK lasts you half an hour? rofl kids
  5. Food and girls for starters.
  6. also key
  7. If you've got a computer, a great game that can just be passed around is Peggle and Peggle Nights. Bunch of friends and I have blazed and just sat around for hours playing, definitely good fun.
    Floyd, the Doors, some techno shit depending on the mood.
  8. Hey letstoke7, shut the fuck up, will you? You're annoying. Go smoke a bowl or two and chill the fuck out and stop starting conflicts with people.

  9. Lol when I listen to that album I always zone off. On The Run is crazy lol :D
  10. High for 4 hours on just a few hits?

    Anyways, you have to remember that if you're passing the blunt between a lot of people, you might only get 6 or 7 puffs, which wouldn't get me high for that long.
  11. Food,water,video games and or music and go with the Flow :smoking:
  12. Hmm how much weed do you have? If you have a lot, then pack a bowl in each tool and sit sit in powow and toke away. Everyone will get blazed and have a good time. Just remeber to ahve munchies lol.
  13. Just some pot, chill tunes, maybe some video games.

    My friend is throwing a party for his bday and it's going to be crazy. First were all goin to his place and going to smoke and chill, the next day were going to watch a baby horse be born hahah( i have no idea why, dont ask) Then were going to go on a 6 hour canoe trip thing and smoke it up while in the water and with nature. :hello: cant wait.
  14. I have bud parties every weekend.. Like usually 5 - 10 people. We just toke, play guitar, watch movies, eat good food, talk, and do whatever. Go for a walk outside.. Jump on the trampoline.. Don't sweat it to much, it's supposed to be fun :smoking:

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