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Weed Party

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katosov, May 26, 2010.

  1. So im throwing my first stoner party and I was wondering what to do to make it good. I got some weed and different toking tools but what else. I know whats really getting people to want to come is my new vape.
  2. munchies and something to do when you guys are toasted lol.
  3. dont even plan anything out, once they start tokin the reefer youll make your own party, youll just go with the flow and have a blast...just my idea, weed brings out the best in all of us
  4. Hahaha im having one this weekend as well. Goodluck with yours!
  5. make sure to have some blunts. in my travels ive noticed. ladys love a man who can roll a blunt.
  6. well whenever me n my friends smoke they always have some music goin some MW2 and as someone said before blunts... you cant go wrong if you roll em right we roll at least 2 a night probly like 6+ in a good week
  7. Have some meats as munchies. Trust me. Carbs (like chips etc.) will keep them constantly eating.

    Have a good combination.
    And have a good mix of dank/ high mids. If it's going to be a long party.
    If you're toking on dank ALL night, some people might get a little too stoned to function. Maybe a dank blunt ever hour or 30 mins. And smoke high mids bowls in between while you're partying
  8. [ame=]YouTube - eek a mouse - sensi party[/ame]
  9. Strobe lights, speakers and/or music, television and/or movies, poker chips and cards. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  10. I second the idea about mids/dank idea....

    Keep it low key, things will flow
  11. Lol if you need to smoke a dank blunt every hour and mids in between.. you don't have dank. you have schwag. a few hits of dank gets me high for 3-4 hours and Ive smoked every day for a few months. What a waste. A DANK BLUNT so 1.5-2grams every HALF AN HOUR. WTF? dude get better weed.
  12. have a good selection of music, movies, smoking tools, munchies, maybe alcohol if you want

    ...and EXTRA LIGHTERS.
  13. lol noob.

  14. this is key.
  15. omg, that smoking dice game looks funny as shit LOL
  16. Get plenty of munchies and be sure that you have a lot of weed. Friend of mine had a similar party and he just told everyone to bring a G, so that on top of his stash meant there was plenty to go around.

    Have fun, and most importantly be safe!
  17. Whoa there big poster, calm down. Some people have a tolerance because they smoke so much, unlike you apparently. You should try to make friends on here before you try to make enemy's.

    I was thinking the same thing.
  18. I see that dice game every time I go to Newbury Comics lol That and the pot-leaf ice cube trays.
  19. you have to have something to do. smoking weed with nothing to do sucks.
  20. Snacks, beer, any physical Wii game. Bowling is always a big hit when stoned! Good music, plenty of comfortable places to sit (cushions on the floor is where we usually end up when we have people at my place), outdoor smoking area for those who want cigs, extra lube in the fuck room...

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