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Discussion in 'General' started by shredder, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Here is some shit that i wrote when i was pretty stoned. If you are the type that thinks all philosphically when you're high i hope you'll read this and write some of your own shiat. ENJOY!

    Believe that the apple that fell from the tree, plants the seed for new life. The entire existence of a tree is to grow up and make offspring. One may ask what is the point of this life. Then in a much wider view we look into our own lives and ask ourselves the same question. All we are alive to do is grow up and create offspring. Why do we strive to thrive? Why do we want to live, why is it the goal of all creatures to live? This will to live is so strong it can make better versions of animals by giving them wings, legs and larger brains. Speaking of life, how was the first thing given life? There were elements floating all around and they managed to hit each other and to make a molecule. After a while enough of these molecules came together in just the right way to become a living cell. What made these molecules come together in that formation, there was no DNA. Once the molecules were in that formation, what willed it to become alive? Molecules are molecules, not living, but a cell has a life, how did this come about?
  2. I must say that that was very deep. I believe as do many scientists that there has to be a higher power of some sort to have created Earth to be as perfect of an environment for all living creatures,plants, and the like. I do believe in evolution and perhaps we did start out as amoebas or whatever but oh hell I'm pretty stoned right now. I gotta go-I'm thirsty-need some wine....LOL

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