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Weed packs pounds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassdude, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Jared probably tokes along with Michael Phelps in the subway ads
  2. man tokin i see your point but im just saying if you exercise regularly then even if you dont have the will power to resist the munchies you wont gain much,if any weight... that being said if you were already lazy before you toked up then weed would probably make you gain weight
  3. Marijuana doesn't pack pounds, food does :D
  4. Well, you bring a very good point regarding laziness before smoking, and that is true. However, I exercise fairly regularly, and watch what I eat all day long to ensure I maintain my weight.

    However, when the munchies come on, it literally is something I've tried very hard to control, but it's been a difficult battle. I've regularly consumed upwards of 8,000 calories in a single setting when I have the munchies, with eating going on for 2-3 hours at a time.

    It really does suck, because the munchies issue for me personally is one of the main reasons I've have to cut back to using far less than I would prefer. Otherwise, I would probably be one very large stoner. :D

    And yeah, I've tried to get in the habit of eating healthy foods, but like I said, that damn sweet tooth comes on strong when I've got the munchies, and the only thing curing that is a quart of ice cream smothered with honey, whipped cream, and half a jar of cherries....and then chase it with another bowl (no, not another bowl of weed, another bowl of ice cream). :eek:

  5. hahahaha i love your sig, "HOW CAN SHE SLAP? HOW CAN SHE SLAP?" have you seen the video behind it? hahaha

    but yea, weed does put on the pounds for me a bit, but i don't really eat much when i get high, i just get hella thirtsy and chug bottles of water, i think the fact that i get much lazier when high
  6. The marijuana ynaks me by the balls when it comes to food.Great food choice +rep
  7. I started smoking heavy, and loss 15 lbs lol
  8. OP, if you are an adult male, then 140 pounds seems like a pretty unhealthy weight so be happy you put on 20 pounds. Even 160 seems a bit low. Keep eating.
  9. If you're going to let the munchies take you, go to town on something healthy. I prefer seafood, myself. (Mmmm...snow crabs...)
  10. Yeah i'm pretty happy about it. For my height 160 is just about right. :smoke:
  11. when I blaze I get the munchies like a pregnent lady with twins haha. I love mexican food the most when high. Naw but I also agree that when I'm sober I don't have as much as an apetite. Thing is I blaze 2 to 3 times a day haha. So shit I'm always hungry. The way I do it is just have controle and only eat how much I'm supposed to n then just have 1 day out of the week to pig out. Normally if I pig out that much on a daily basis I just feel nasy after. Another thing is just go for a walk when you spark it. I like to walk the urigation ditches. They go on forever and the graffiti is sick too. As long as I break a sweat once a day I'm good. I desided to make a change after gaining 15 pounds. I was eating so much because how good the food tasted that's it just became gluttony. Lasiness will deffinetly make you eat more too.
  12. maybe this is why I like to workout when Im high.
  13. Weed doesn't cause you to gain weight, you not exhibiting self control does.
    Go to the gym and make healthier food choices.
  14. 20lbs in a year? its probly not the weed its probly just the shit your eating
  15. #35 zRegular, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    I've been really depressed this month (gf of 2 years left me and parents split up) so I smoked more than usual.

    Depression makes you not eat and weed makes you eat (Also note, I'm a big guy, 6'2 259 lbs). The depression outdid the high I guess and i didnt even get munchies, it was crazy.

    I was 280lbs exactly one month ago. today I weigh 259. its kinda scary how much weight ive lost.


    /random rambling

    EDIT: and before ppl post sayings its not possible to lose 20 lbs in a month, youre wrong
  16. Weed can either make you lose weight or gain it... If you eat a bunch of shit when you get high, of course you're going to gain weight (usually). If you eat the amount you should be eating and keep it relatively healthy, I don't see how smoking could make you gain weight. Personally food doesn't even taste any better when I'm high. It used to, but I got used to being high eventually and it went away.
  17. Smoking brings me an appetite. If I don't smoke, I barely eat. :smoke:
  18. Ive gained about 10-15 pounds this year, but I go to the gym and turn that fat into muscle haha. I'd say buy healthier food, cause when I do get the munchies I could eat healthy shit, just that I barely have any compared to chips/pop.
  19. Been smoking more frequently the past few months. And i've dropped 5-10 pounds.
  20. That's just like your opinion man.

    When I smoke, I actually LOSE my appetite. When sober I can down an XL bowl of Vietnamese noodles (and these things are FUCKING HUGE) at my local Saigon Pho Dau Bo house but when I tried it while stoned I couldn't even finish half of an XL and the sexy Asian waitress looked all disappointed in me so I stopped smoking pot for a while after that.

    (btw later on I GOT HER NUMBER but she was married so i hesitated but then I find out she banged some black dude. FUCK)

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