Weed or Women/men

Discussion in 'General' started by dotaliens, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I saw a thread kind of like this a minute ago, but I didn't like how the question was phrased so I'm making a new one.

    Assume you woke up tomorrow and a god greeted you and said, "You have to make a decision. You have to choose between moving to a planet with marijuana on it or moving to a planet with women on it (or men or hermes... whatever your sexual preference may be)." What would you do? Oh yeah, and both planets are identical aside from the stated.

    I think this is a hard question... I think I would have to go with... uhhhhh... I dunno it's close. I'm gonna say Marry Jane just cause it doesn't have a mouth.
  2. Why choose? Be with women/men and weed
  3. The planet with the woman, ill just bring some mj seeds with me and grow there :hello:
  4. You can't cause God sent you away.
  5. Well then women. Weeds fun but it's not supposed to be an obsession.

    It's called "getting high" because you feel higher from what you are previously. If mj was supposed to be used 24/7, we'd call it, "getting normal" and that just doesn't sound as cool
  6. i would probably pick to be with a women.. even all the weed in the world cant cure loneliness for me
  7. You'd be the only man on that planet of women? Mein go there.. you could build a ladder of women to the planet of maryjane
  8. how could u not pick the women planet?
  9. im a horny female. :eek:

    so, men. :hello:
  10. lmao!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. If you mean a planet with just marijuana and a planet with just women (your question wasn't flawlessly worded either) I'd have to choose the planet with women. Assuming, of course, I remained a man. Because, if you think about it, being the first man to be sent to a planet with only women sounds a bit fishy, out of all of the men in the world I'd have to ask god, "why me?" It sounds to me like the welcome wagon has a tendency to cut off man parts.

    Anyway, any straight male that would pick a life of weed over a life with women/a woman needs to examine their life very thoroughly.
  12. man i broke up with this bitch cause she skimmed my half. soo weed probably haha just cause i can smoke and jerk and it will feel as good as fucking
  13. Maybe completely IRRELEVANT, but do you think some people can experience naturally-induced states of "highness" or inhebriation without the use of chemicals/plants?
  14. You ever heard of an endorphin rush?

  15. Yees definately, thank you for proving my point.

    But I'm referring to, meditation, or even without practice or exercise.

    Just a natural "sober state."
  16. Bad choices. Living on a planet with nothing but cannabis would drive me to suicide. Living on a planet with solely women would drive me insane.

    I choose insanity.
  17. yeah it would drive me to suicide too... from smoke inhalation
  18. You can always rub one out yourself, but lets see you try and concentrate so hard you fabricate a high.
  19. Sex > masturbation

    There is absolutely no way I could jerk it for the rest of my life.

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