Weed or Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by maninthebus, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. So if I cut my weed consumption in half I could afford a new bike. hmmmmmm
  2. Do it man if you really want the bike. The weed is only temporary as the bike lasts for years.
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  3. Well, gonna take the scooter out and adjust the new headlight, think im just gonna keep it and smoke more weed. Not really wise to make payments on a new bike in the Pacific Northwest with all the rain.
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  4. I'd like to get a new M/C but distracted people on their phones scare me shitless...especially here in Florida.
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  5. No kidding man, I drive around in a 40' school bus and these bugger eatin' morons are always pulling out in front of me like I can stop on a dime. That is one of the reasons why I'm leaving the "rat race" here.
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  6. Do you have kids on that bus? If not you should. You could get a contract to take them to school, and then have enough money to buy twice as much weed. To hell with the two wheels. The cagers will kill you. Just pimp out the bus..... and the high school kids always have the best weed.
  7. Oh no, Im done with kids, Bus is already converted to RV, 2 bedrooms, office, kitchen, bathroom the whole shootin match. Bill O'reilly tellin me I should get weed from kids. Crackin me up.
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  8. both bro..... I should have a bike by the end of the year cant wait
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  9. Or cut your weed use in half and get a big house

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  10. Or buy an AWD Cobalt!
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  11. MN4Lyfe,

    So not to get off topic here but you got time to "like" my post but no time to shoot me a PM reply telling about the set up in your AWD Cobalt.....let me guess there is no AWD Cobalt right?
  12. We have a BINGO !!!
  13. Holy shit it continues in this thread. Bro if u actually do have an awd colbolt jus post a pic already.

    Stay high
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