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Weed or alcohol?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Happyguy, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Do you prefer to be drunk or high?
  2. HIGH!!

    Sorry... but that's a stupid question. :p

  3. I agree with him....
  4. High, of course. Being drunk doesn't compare to being faded. When your drunk, you can become hostile and you can't drive a car as good as if you were high. If anything should be illegal, it should be alcohol not weed damnit.
  5. dumb dumb dumb


  6. But lemme think about it a bit....


    how about the MaryJane, the reefah, the con, bud, the sweet sweetsweet ganja, herbies, the yummy pot... YAH I FUCKING PREFER to sit back with this pack of zipzags and this bag of this WEED!

    no alky for me... 4 Blunts rather!

  7. definately pot!!!!!! but i do like to go out and rip it up here once in a while.
  8. stoned!!!

    but a beer here & there makes the permagrin even bigger
  9. Yo, never underestimate the next man's greed
    And never sell ya baseball cards for weed
    I don't really get upset, so I'm not violent
    The monotone microphone master, moves in silence
    I'm nice off the head, and I'm nice off led
    To some I'm three hours behind, to others I'm one ahead
    These vocal tones symbolizes confidence mixed with home-grown
    And such, no fear with the paranoid touch
    I can intoxicate myself, I hate when I do that
    Running around acting stupid, saying "True that!"
    That ain't me, and I know this is true (Come on!)
    So I just consume the grines and say fuck the brew

    Fuck you, it was me on beering unity
    Hype as fuck, aiiyo Ev' (wassup?)
    leave your weed and you look stuck
    Go ice-o-late yourself, while I throw some back
    No action speaks louder than my words, verbal attack
    Peace to Swift and Tash, they mixing beer with hash
    Yo, I separate the two from experience, they clash
    I trust my ways and intuition, plus the way I stear
    When it's time for shows and women
    Fuck the weed, just beer

    Never underestimate the next man's greed
    And never sell ya best friend weed with seeds
    I don't really place 'em peoples in no position
    The monotone microphone master smokes weed and listens
    I'm nice off the head, and I'm nice off led
    To some I'm one hour behind, to others I'm one ahead
    This vocal tone stands for chaos, and total control
    Completely outta reach, but hit the potkit on a roll
    I can intoxicate myself, yo maybe they past the time
    Yo maybe they kill the pain when there's problems with my guilt
    Yo, but that ain't me, and I know this is true
    So I just consume the grines and say fuck the brew

    On beer, I come through in the clutch
    Yo, I see four suckers and blow the fuck up
    Yo, go ice-o-late yourself while I throw some back
    Yea, I'm dangerous as hell, with two Moo-Sads in the hat
    You can talk-talk-talk, I drink up and have my fun
    You be the, Jack of all trades; Master Of None
    I trust my way's direction, I know the way to stear
    When it's time to party down, fuck the weed, just beer
  10. weed, weed in blunts, weed in pipes, weed in bongs, weed in papers

    but since i quit weed for the moment hard alchohol has been getting a lot of my attention lately

    but i still miss weed more than i enjoy alki
  11. Weed, being stoned just feels so good, and plus I have never woke up the next morning after smoking weed with:
    1. Headache 2. Puke all on me 3. Outside 4. Naked with someone I DID'NT want to sleep with :eek: 5. My memory

    SOOOOOO weed anyday! (And yes I know the irony of Herr Jagermeister under my name so don't point it out :p )
  12. As critter would say "why not BOTH!!!"
  13. because both = balogzaroni all over you
  14. balogzaroni??? thats fucking hilarious!!!! i hear you though!!

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