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Weed Or Alcohol

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Still wondering, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Which one if these two do you enjoy the best getting high drunk or both at the same time
  2. Definitely stoned. Don't drink anymore I'm allergic.
  3. I enjoy cannabis more. I used cannabis to cut back on drinking. I used to drink atleast once a day. I like altering my perception but alcohol is just so damn bad for your body.

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

  4. Weed. The dehydration from alcohol sucks, no matter how much water I drink i can never seem to avoid waking up the next morning feeling like shit.
  5. You're on a cannabis forum.  LOL no one is going to say alcohol
  6. There's always both
  7. Lol I wonder if there is a forum for alcoholics lol.
  8. i just like to get fucked up
  9. I like the synergy. Since you said Cannabis, Alcohol, or both I'll pick both. But if I couldn't pick both definitely rather smoke flowers.
    Sailor Jerry's+Coke+Good Trees= Good ass night, but save a few bowls for in the morning lol your brain and body will thank you.
  10. weed. alcohol killed my dad and emotionally destroyed my family. 
  11. For a while I drank, then i started smoking weed, then i started smoking weed and drinking, Then i quit smoking for reasons. Drinking became more important to me, every weekend kind of thing, getting really fucked up n stuff. Now Im back to smoking weed and saying fuck alcohol.
    Not good for you. Haven't drank in 2 months. 
    Proud :)
  12. Weed. I used to drop quite a bit on beer and put on a bit of water weight. When I started smoking I quit drinking and have been much happier.
  13. 100% weed. Alcohol does so much crap to your body, massively impairs your judgement and causes increased aggression.
    First time I was properly drunk was the first time I used cannabis and I chose the better substance. I haven't used alcohol for over 3 years now and there hasn't been a single instance where I've wanted to.
    Alcohol causes minimal problems when used in moderation, but why drink when you can smoke weed?
  14. Weed. Alcohol put me in bad situations, Screw alcohol, it's just no good.
  15. Weed only for me. I quit drinking years ago, it was never really my thing and plus I hated the hangovers.
  16. The Creator made weed Man made alcohol who do you trust?
  17. Weed or alcohol, you ain't even gotta ask?
    Imma smoke first so the alcohol's last.
  18. I like to smoke and drink but I'm quickly realizing it's going to be better to cut back on my drinking and smoke a bit more.
  19. Put it this way. I used to drink. Then My friend showed me weed. Haven't touched a bottle since
  20. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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