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Weed on Wheels!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NemnogoZeleni, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. No, this is not a delivery service... sadly.

    This is a place to share all the delights of burn cruising-that is, toking on a car ride. Not only can smoking make driving more fun for the driver (and perhaps a little riskier :smoke:) but the passengers will be treated to an ever changing landscape. It is a wonderful experience that can be colored in many ways, whether it's blasting music, having a close call with the cops, or just coming across some beautiful piece of nature.

    Share your stories. Your favorite routes. Favorite music. Favorite sites. Like it better in one car than in another? Go ahead, share that. Keep on rolling, mang.
  2. Favorite music to blast while high in car, bliss n eso for sure.
  3. rolling down the back roads on the outskirts of the city, windows down, nice day is one of the best times to be had. usually listen to hip hop and not the usual metal. 7L and Esoteric, old jedi mind, or the music we produce here at So Escalated Productions. always relaxed when burn cruisin, and way better vibes than just chillin at my house and smokin
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    Well said OP. I love the ever-changing landscapes part!! Smoking during car trips is like time traveling. Makes your trip seem like it only takes 1/2 the time. Especially when your smoke is accompanied by some A.D.D meds.... nawmean??? lol Straight time travel right there!!

    Road trips to, or in Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula are great for this. Especially on the West side near Traverse City just before and during sunset!
  5. I love hotboxin the car with my buds, walkin out and smoke pours out the doors haha
  6. Everyone's gotta love hitting a dirty;)
    Music weed and beautiful cannot. Beat it.
  7. i was about to light up a joint when i was cruising with my buddy,
    and i was like "Ehh, i'll wait till this oncoming car passes us." (it was a 2-lane street)

    it was a fucking cop.
  8. This wasn't really a good time but definitely memorable. Me and a buddy were driving down the road to head over to another friend's house. I'm rolling a blunt (and at this time of my life we smoked nothing but mids). After I pick out those horrible seeds and fat stems i put the notebook that I was rolling out the window to drop all of the shit out. Well the wind caught it and took the book with it. The problem is, that was my school notebook for my college psychology class. All of my notes and handouts and work was in that book. So we had to turn around and spend a few minutes trying to find it.
  9. My last good experience in the S.S. Brauer Power (my friends ford taurus) was skipping school and driving for a hour to get salvia in another town because we couldn't find a avalible dealer. We bought it and picked up our friend who had weed and went up to a local mountain thats a party spot and toked for a good hour in the wind. Then I laughing my ass off at my 2 friends who were freaking out on the salvia, one of them was about to throw a $40 bag of salvia in the forest before we stopped him haha then a hour later I did it and thought I had woken up from this world and was being tested on by aliens. :devious: No joke it was crazy salvia. Well less then a week after that my friend who owned the car got in a drunken accident at 3am he's lucky he's alive. Sorry for my long story just I had great memorys in that car :smoke:

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  10. Burn cruises are fun but it's always better to be a passenger so u can just chill and blaze instead of concentrating on the road
  11. For the third time, me and some friends are driving from La to Vegas, about a 6-7 hour drove thru nothing but desert (which also means we have to drive back). Thank GOD someone discovered weed.
  12. I love driving right after smoking. Music with some nice subs are the best when your fucked up
  13. I love sitting in the back of my cousins car, blazin some dank.
    I watch the people we are passing, and will randomly start a giggling fit while staring at one of them :smoke:

    Its awesome to watch the trees and fields roll past you
  14. alright a hotbox is bomb but its fun to just take a nice bike ride. a blunt, and ipod, and a bike, along a lake/through a park/through town at night is pretty cool
  15. oh or in the back of a pickup, 6 in a cirle in the country
  16. Killed some kids, but they never caught me
  17. I love riding with my friends after smoking and listening to some good music, its great!

    Bike rides are also amazing, just riding around town looking at everything with my ipod playing!
  18. Well I used to live in Florida, and when I did the trips to the beach were my favorites. It started on a straight shot via I4 to the beach and once you get to the beach there's nothing better than driving down the beach passing a nice joint. Nothing better. Except, maybe smoking on the beach, haha.

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