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Weed On Plane

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CheebCheeba, May 19, 2013.

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    Hello fellow tokers! Yes, yes, I know it's a terrible idea, but I don't need you telling me that. I am flying international to Ukraine, from Canada, through Amsterdam. It's really sketchy getting green there, I've gotten worthless shake there twice before finally finding something good. Here's my plan:

    Pack a 1-2g of dank into this tiny 4x1cm cylindrical container from a contacts suction pad. Sterilize the outside with ethanol, put on gloves and pack on a table where no weed has been placed ever. Tape it up with brand new electrical tape, then put into brand new dime sized plastic bags. Don't have a vacuum sealer, so suck out air out of the bag with a straw. Roll up the bag, retape and put into more plastic bags 4-5 times, layering each bag with crushed up activated charcoal to absorb the scent.

    Now, I've decided that it's too risky carrying it on my persona because I fear body scanners in Amsterdam. So I thought it's best to put it into waistband of packed jeans into my checked in luggage. Now I know conveyor belts are monitored by dogs sometimes, so I was gonna throw some beef jerky in the luggage bag and rub out its insides with cat fur as a safety measure to distract K9. I'm worried slightly about the x-ray, matching the density up to something weird, although its such a small container I, so would it just blend with the folds in the pants?

    I have also though of just making some cookies with a q, but I fear they might smell like dank if they were to be examined. 

    What do y'all think?
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    I've been through amsterdam airport before and it's not as tight as you say...granted this was in 09.
    you would have NO problems with cookies stored well. No one is going to examine cookies lol. Besides that, you can also carry them on the plane. All you need is to have them in something other than open air and no one will be able to tell.
    I witnessed no one get a pat down at the airport in amsterdam...
    like I said though...idk if it's changed. GL
  3. I wish it was still 09, I read somewhere they got like 60 body scanners in around 2011 and use them for all US flights. Not sure if it applies to Canada or not, but I wouldn't want to be chocking on this little package last second to get rid of it before getting to the body scanner. 
  4. the only time I flew with weed was when I went to Vegas this year for spring break. My friend took us on a private jet so I didn't have to worry about being checked. We were high the whole trip. Most fun trip ever
  5. I would not risk trying to import drugs to another country! But, if its only 1-2 grams, theres always the up the butt method if you're that desperate !
  6. Not worth the risk IMHO
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    I know this is late, but thought I'd update this for whoever is interested.

    I ended up taking a bunch of little nugs and throwing them in the bottom of my laptop case/backpack. Since anything organic comes up orange on the x-ray, I threw a bunch of bread crums into a separate compartment that you could easily see right of the bat (the nugs were really unseen in the dark, only way to detect them was to smell them if you were to put your face inside the bag). 

    Had no problems passing by any securities in any airport. Forgot to take my belt off in Amsterdam and they opened my bag to look at it. I told them there was a bunch of electronics n stuff and they let me go. If I knew it was that easy, I'd bring a bit more.
    In Amsterdam there was no body X-ray at the gate on my way to Ukraine. On the way back to Canada there was one, however you could freely choose between going through that, or the standard metal detector with no pre-selection. 

    On another note, I found a toker in Ukraine through a social site that hooked me up. It was much weaker weed but it still did the job. So you can really find green anywhere. 

    Happy toking and safe travels!
  8. I brought two edibles with me during my 16 hour flight to the Philipines. It helped pass the time and it allowed me to sleep during most of the flight. When we landed in manila I was sober and well rested.
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    Yeah I figured it'd be easy. I actually just had a dream last night that I smoked on a plane. Was bosss lulz.
    Basically I went to the bathroom with a sploofy and some ozium, toked it up before we landed and cleaned my pipe out with rubbing alcohol before we landed. So even if it was somehow found, I'd be in the clear. Twas a funny dream lol. Kept thinking I was part of the stoner mile high club! lol.
    but yeah, now I wanna do that. Has to be smoking though, edibles are too easy :p
    Dabbing is an acceptable substitute, but points are lost for lack of smell.
  10. I've gotten high as shit using my ego ( ecig with refillable medical hash oil carts ) from CO > NY on a plane. It was fucking amazing. Just put the ego in a ziplock bag full of pencils and markers.
  11. I've had enough of this mother fuckin weed on this mother fuckin airplane
  12. If you put vaseline inside a bag then put another bag with the weed in it that's supposed to block the scent to dogs, but I can't say that I've ever tested it.

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