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Weed on fire.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xBrent, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. So, I'm might be over reacting, but I just got some weed and it catches fire when I light it in a bowl. Now, this is the first time weeds actually caught a flame since I started smoking. None of my other weed did this. What does this mean? Most the time I can light it fine, but its frequently catching fire.
  2. Do small snaps don't torch the bowl. Maby it's just a little too dry.
  3. Double rainbow.

    Sorry dude, had to say it. But anyway, my best guess is that it's just really dry. Not much you can do about that, though.
  4. Some things alight when flame is applied.
    loljk its prob too dry.
  5. That's never happened to me. Only synthetic spice has ever caught fire. Just be careful and make sure it's not sprayed with anything. If it is too dry, stick it in a bag with a chunk of apple for a few hours, and it will absorb some of the moisture and keep all your weed from burning.
  6. my guess is that its dry, and that you packed it real loose. it could also be some real airy bud.

    just remember not to torch the bowl. once its lit, its lit. dont leave the flame on it or you will loose a fair amount of the THC from all the heat. DONT TORCH
  7. This happens a lot. Things burn when you light them :)
  8. Do not trip mister
  9. See, that's the thing though. I wasn't really torching the bowl at all, I was actually lighting less than normal of the bud... I don't think it's sprayed with anything though.

  10. Quite the opposite, I would guess that it has been laced with pcp, heroin, and crack cocaine!

    Little known fact: 99% of all marijuana is laced with at least pcp and heroin
  11. you might of packed too tight of a bowl, when it's packed too tight, air flow cannot get through causing the weed to ignite instead of creating the "cherry" .

  12. I didn't say it was laced....-_-

    It's just never happened to me before while smoking so I was curious if it was normal..
  13. put it in a mason jar with fresh cut apples over the night to put some freshness in it... works for my dry bud

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