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Weed On an Airplane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cheap_ass_toker, May 16, 2011.

  1. Now, before anyone says anything I know this thread will raise a little hell with everyone thats just going to flat out say I'm stupid for trying this.

    Has anyone taken edibles on an airplane? Do you know if I'm aloud to pack edibles for eating in the foreign country (I'm going to Peru)? I would at least like them for the airplane, but for machu pichu would be pretty cool too. Anyone with experience know if I can pack them in my luggage or bring in carry on or what? ANYTHING WOULD BE HELPFUL :smoke: THANK YOU:D
  2. Why bring them on, why not just eat them before you go through security and then get high as fuck, literally, in multiple ways?
  3. i always wanted to go to another country and just get stoned as fuck at ancient monument..
  4. Who doesn't!

    Also, I was wondering if I put a couple of j's in the bottom of my bag if anyone would notice. This is my first time on a plane, so I have no clue what to expect with security inside my luggage and stuff.

    In multiple ways? wtf are you talking about haha

    edit: I'm retarded hahah I gotcha now.
  5. why take them and risk it, weed in peru is really cheap! so maybe you can buy some there.
  6. If you want good info on this from people who have done it many times on domestic flights go check out other forums. Hint hint use google. Flying international is a completely different story. I wouldn't try it.Also look up the countries laws that you are traveling to.
  7. i love how one of the tags say osama.

    make some cookies and pack em. stop being a whore!
  8. If you walk around Peru going Ganja? You got Ganja? Eh bro Ganja? Ganja? Im sure that someone is gunna have some on them.

    EDIT: Or you'll get stabbed/enlisted in a cartel.
  9. Roll some j's and pack them in a cigarette case.
  10. I'm from south america and a ton of friends have gone to peru, its very very easy to get weed, and cheap! so you probably should buy some there.
  11. #11 cheap_ass_toker, May 16, 2011
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    You think i'd be able to get it easily with little effort? I'm going with a group of people so I can't be that one guy walking around screaming Ganja!

    If packing cookies would be safe then i'd like to do that.

    edit: also does anyone know if I can pack a lighter?
  12. Just a thought.... what if i put a nug inside my phone, as in take apart my phone and shove it in there.
  13. Yeah you can. but nothing suspicious... make like a weed pbj sammich. and put it next to other normal food.... they'll think it's just a snack.
  14. Do it if you like cock-meat sammiches.
  15. Flying internationally, it's not worth it at all.
  16. is possible prison time worth trying getting high in peru?

  17. They are pretty gay about pastes, just saying.

  18. lmao? dumb question :smoke:
  19. #19 cheap_ass_toker, May 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2011
    is this from experience?

    And honestly guys cookies would be fine, I don't actually need nugs (or anything for that matter, but i'd just prefer to at least have cookies if i can).

    Also, it doesn't have to be fore the international flight. Theres a layover in florida, so if i could at least take the cookies to florida, and eat them before security on that plane I'd be fine. Whatever is the most I can get away with without gettin risky. I really don't see how they could be gay about me taking cookies in my carry on with some granola bars and stuff.
  20. You should not put weed in your phone.

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