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Weed on a cruise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tuxx, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I'm driving down to miami to catch a cruise to jamaica, and was jw what kinda security checks you go thru getting on a cruise ship (metal detector, bag search, x-ray, body scanner)

    Last time I went on one was back in like 04, and don't really remember much.

    Also, what are mj laws like in jamaica? For when I'm docked there.
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    I've been on a cruise twice, when I went on port there were no dogs and the local checks where nothing, metal detector and possible hand bag check. It was the easiest and least secure checks I have ever seen. However I would rather bring nug, roll up what you need when you leave then leave the rest on the ship when you dock. I wouldn't risk getting locked up in another country.

    I've been to Mexico, Belize, Yucatan Pen., Cozumel, Bimini, the greater Bahamas and Panama and have never had trouble. Again, I always bring my own. Don't buy there.
  3. Police may look to give you shit if you aren't a local, just don't go parading around everywhere with bud and you should be fine down there
  4. over the summer i took a ferry from cozumel, mexico to playa del carmen, mexico (state of quintana roo).....when we arrived in playa del carmen, the mexican military was standing outside of the boat with a drug dog.....each soldier armed with an M4. they ran the dog by all the luggage when it was unloaded off the boat.

    i also heard that a small amount of marijuana is now legal to possess in mexico? not too sure on this one.

    be careful. have a fun, safe vacation.

    plus, you can always buy bud when you get to Jamaica. just talk to your taxi driver :smoking: ;)

  5. I wonder....
    Wouldn't the laws be thrown over the bow if you are on the water?
    I don't think it would be a problem on the ship over the water, but the port could be tricky.

    My best friend and I brought herbs with us to Vegas a couple of years ago...(We flew)...we rolled joints and put inside tampon applicators. We chose to put in carry on because I was NOT going to risk my herbs being stolen by some sticky fingered TSA agent or what if my luggage was lost? It had happened before....So I wasn't risking it. Besides, my BFF and I figured we could talk our way out of it considering we both had MMJ cards.

    We made it through without a hitch. There were 4 tampon applicators filled with joints vs. cotton, and they didn't say a word. We attempted this the following year when we traveled via plane again....Worked twice! I'm going to stick with this method.

  6. Jamaica has pretty harsh drug laws despite the image of everyone being Rastafarian and smoking. I have read that tourists can get in serious trouble there. Do some research and be careful and enjoy your cruise.
  7. Ya I've been on this fairy a few times and seen the same, so there is definitely potential for shit to go down when in other countries. If you do get it on the ship I would leave it in your bags, don't carry it around when you make port stops.

    Btw I fucking love Cozumel, divers heaven.
  8. Haha there isn't any chance it is a Royal Caribbean cruise is it? :p

    A friend and I are going on a cruise to Jamaica and Cozumel on Sunday as well and have been thinking this over. If you aren't going on a plane, it is VERY possible. The cruise security isn't too bad, just disguise it in the bottom of your suitcase in some underwear. The trick is just not to take it off the ship at ports, because the security is a bit tighter come on and off.
  9. Cool cool, thanks for all the info guys. I think I might just not risk it.. dogs sound a bit much for me.

    And nah, its Carnival cruiseline. Jamaica and cayman islands.
  10. You will be offered weed as soon as you step off the ship.
  11. Invite ladies to your room and put a classic towel
    under the door, guaranteed way to get some. Tried. Tested. Perfected
  12. My sister said when she went to cancun her friends had no problems with the herb on da boat
  13. I have a good "friend" who had taken pot on a cruise.

    Although you should have no trouble taking weed on board the best way to do this is edibles. Make some cookies, or even better, some type of candy.

    My "friend" lives in a legal MMJ state so he was able to get edibles from a local dispensary.

    I you end up just taking weed I would suggest a MFLB or some other stealth vape. No a lot of places on board to toke up but a stealth vape would make this easy.
  14. On April 29, 2006, the Congress of Mexico passed a bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs intended for recreational use (up to 5g for marijuana).[27] The new bill was hoped to relieve cartel-related crime as well as reduce drug-related arrests. A possibly unintended consequence would have been increased tourism. The move caused many in the US government to question Mexico's commitment to the "War on Drugs". However, President Fox sent the legislation back, asking that the decriminalization be removed. This action showed the U.S. government's influence over the Mexican Government's decisions, sparking broad controversy over the bill. On October 14, 2008 a bill was proposed in Mexico City's Congress to legalize the consumption, possession and commerce of Marijuana. The bill states that only a person over 18 can have access to the drug, the places where marijuana is sold cannot also sell alcoholic drinks, and must be at least 1000 meters away from schools[citation needed]. The Government would issue special licenses for the distribution of marijuana in special places, similar to the legislation in the Netherlands.

    On August 21, 2009, Mexico decriminalized "personal use" possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana
  15. You could Keep the bud in your wallet, you should be straight.

    One year I going though security to get on one of royal Caribbean cruises and I pulled out my wallet thinking he'd want to search it and he told I could put it back lol

    Sleep ass n igga
  16. IMO best thing you can do is make a batch of cookies or green dragon using a store bought ear dropper and you'll be chillen hard all day that way you don't have to worry about the smoke or raw herb.

  17. Totally agree. The only caution about green dragon is that if they think it is any type of alcohol they will confiscate it.
  18. Im going on a cruise to and I have to fly out to PR where the ship docks, I watched locked up abroad so Ill just bake some cookies its not worth going to jail.

  19. this is truth. and i have smoked on carnival, royal Caribbean, and even disney and the most that has happened is(in my case we were smoking in the cigar lounge) they ask you to go above deck. i will say that i myself have never brought it on in my own luggage but i know you can and the security is not that good when you board the first day. and if you are up at like 12 smoking you are pretty much guaranteed to find other smokers on the boat. some of the staff even.
  20. I went on a 6 day carnival cruise over the summer and when we got to jamaica people were being offered left and right haha. The security was a breeze to get through as well, they checked and made sure it was you on your id, and you put your bag through an x ray and thats it. keep the weed in your pocket and you're in the clear.

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