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weed+ oil not heated =

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by rocknroller, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i saw a video in which these 2 guys got olive oil and blented weed into it that was growned as fine as powder and then used a hnd blender to blend it for a few minutes.
    and then i guess they let it sit for a few weeks/ months and apernetly it got them high.

    i was wondering if this is true or not as i have no knowledge of this working or not.

    if you have heard of this let me know.
  2. did they drink the oil?
  3. i think they drank it or just put it in with yogurt or somthing.
  4. i was wondering the same thing after hearing that you can make firecrackers without cooking.
  5. From what I've heard in would work but it would fake from 3-4 weeks of letting it sit there and shaking it once a day.
  6. reallly????
    how much should i put into it do you know.

    and to the other person who said about firecrackers without cooking?? is that possible
  7. your the one that told us its possible. you said you saw a video where ppl got fucked up with no if you just put this oil on crackers, boom, firecrackers right?
  8. You don't need heat if using oil/alcohol, oils will draw the active cannibinoids out of the plant material on its own, it will just take a little longer
  9. does cooking with pot oil smell? because i made brownies before but i dont know if the smell issue was only from the making of pot oil or from cooking with the oil in the brownie mix.
  10. I think heating it just makes it easier for the cannabis to soak into the oil, so my idea is that the warmer it is, the faster it extracts, maybe I will keep it in my center console or my glove box because I know it gets warm in there during the day.

    1/8th jar filled with oil and 0.5g of hash and some shake, with a few drops of honey. Think a week or two would be good.

    What if you cooked the oil and then let sit for a few weeks? Would it be completely saturated then?

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