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Weed not funny

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SB100Z, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking daily for about a year now and for some reason I still can't figure out why when I smoke I don't get crazy happy and start laughing a lot. I usually smoke a joint of mids so please give me some good advice. :smoke:
  2. Try getting a hold of some dank. That should surely help out. Cheers.
  3. two reasons,

    1) You're smoking crap
    2) You've built up a tolerance to said crap

    Two solutions:

    1) Stop smoking said crap for at least a week
    2) Get better quality MJ

    Problem solved.
  4. Take a t-break, then pick up some dank, then use a bong/vape.
    That should solve your problem.
  5. I think cannabis's image has been distorted, you always see people in the movies or whatever giggling and unable to move when they smoke. That's honestly a lot more like an effect of acid
  6. I disagree, although hollywood "Weed movies" sometimes glorify or exaggerate the effects, i've been wrecked to the point where i am in hysterics and can't process my thoughts or find it extremely difficult to move.

    You both may need to smoke stronger shit. : D
    Or smoke more :D
  7. Nah, dude, I live in Humboldt with my medical. If anything I smoke too much good. But I still hold that the way the portray stoners in movies or cartoons is more in line with some acidheads
  8. Watch something funny or chill with funny people. Weed makes funny shit funnier and on occasion makes shit thats not funny hilarious, it doesn't just magically make you happy and full of laughter.
  9. hahah yeah that make it seem WAY!!!!! TOOO CRAZY!!!!! in fact it's the more less crazy drug in the world.well it's crazy awesome,but doesn't make YOU become crazy.hahah the movies and tv have been talking some much shit about weed.if they made a movie about some1 who REALLY smokes weed,it be sooooooo boring that no1 would see be a guy smoking a bong load,then siting down watching TV,maybe jerks it to some porn, eats some food,then takes a nap.WooOo HOOo... sounds like a great movie...

    :bongin: ...not.
  10. Be around your friends it always brings the giggles out of me
    Whenever I'm alone I laugh at random shit but whenever I'm witha friend I laugh 20 times harder
  11. and o yeah,use a bong FOO!!!! do i have to show you the Video???

    Fuck it,im showing you the video.

    [ame=]Which Method of Smoking Weed Can Get a Dude the Highest? | SPIKE[/ame]

    Now maybe you know. and if you still dont get it,then let me tell you.

    GET A BONG!!!!! :bongin: you be luaghing in no time,try watching some dailyshow with john s. his fuckin funny

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