Weed News Roundup 2022

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  1. A large U.S. government study has found that more than half the people injured or killed in traffic crashes had one or more drugs, or alcohol, in their bloodstreams

    Oklahoma prosecutors say a man accused of killing four workers at a marijuana farm had demanded the return of his $300,000 investment in the operation shortly before he started shooting

    Armed guards were a fixture outside the marijuana growing operation in rural Oklahoma where four people were slain execution-style.

    Anti-cannabis political organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) was represented on Fox News primetime to expose what they believe to be fake research promoted in greed by the cannabis industry

    Marijuana advocates were given a massive setback after the Senate did not include a provision to remove federal restrictions on cannabis businesses from receiving banking services in the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.Up in smoke: Marijuana advocates dealt massive hit thanks to McConnell opposition

    (Lab)As cannabis is legalized in more areas, it has become increasingly popular as a medicinal and recreational drug. This plant produces a pungent, skunk-like odor that is pleasing to some but repulsive to others. Now, researchers have discovered a new family of prenylated volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that give cannabis its characteristic skunky aroma. The findings open up opportunities to investigate the molecules for medicinal benefits, the researchers say.
    Why cannabis smells skunky

    (Lab)Plant biologists have defined the high-efficiency 'hacks' that cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids (THC/CBD). Although many biotechnology companies are currently trying to engineer THC/CBD outside the plant in yeast or cell cultures, it is largely unknown how the plant does it naturally.
    Researchers ID the high-efficiency hacks cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids

    (Lab)Chemists have developed a fuel cell sensor that they hope to develop into a handheld analyzer to detect THC on a person's breath. When THC is introduced into their laboratory-scale device it oxidizes, creating an electric current whose strength indicates how much of the psychoactive compound is present.
    Driving high? Chemists make strides toward a marijuana breath analyzer: By oxidizing THC to create an electric current, a team's fuel cell sensor can reveal the presence of the drug

    The National Park Service (NPS) is cautioning people not to lick toads that secrete an alkaloid that produces psychedelic-like effects in humans.
    It’s not clear if there’s been a recent surge in trippy toad-licking, but the trend is evidently common enough that the federal agency felt it warranted a warning last week. NPS said in a Facebook post on Halloween that it’s a “toad-ally terrifying” practice
    Feds Tell National Park Visitors To Stop Licking Psychedelic Toads
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  2. some recent news events I thought of interest
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  3. I wish the frogs here made me trip.
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  4. McConnell = :poop:
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  5. most of that news is horrible and Shit ... we just want our cheap THC hit, with Chlorophyll and Starch Dammit !
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  6. I thought it a fair review on the current 'weed' attitude of many in the states,
    currently political, economically and socially views expressed,
    its hard finding funny stuff on weed, as it so normal now ...lol

    but the important is the lab results,
    many tests are coming out weekly, totally killing 'our' stoner science ..lol

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    about as far as we have gotten with our science so far is finding an entirely unknown physiological system in man and in all chordate life forms - Endocannabinoid system . Biased ,paid off, bunk NIDA Reeeeefer madness scientists are still in severe anger that we found an entirely new physiological system in man while doing lipid metabolism research of the Illicit and Banned THC molecule on a porcine brain .
    still main an common narrative is that smoke by product is bad ( Well no shit) and that a lipid molecule has been found in the cannabis plant species ! and there may be more LIPIDS according to NIDA ! But since only that one lipid is regulated all efforts lead to research of that one like a big pharma research study that ignores everything but one compound . do not forget that the only thing being said about it - More research needed and as long as its banned and controlled expect that research to still cater to biases of prohibition and harm findings only ... all while the fringe researchers are looking into the Good aspects and the lipid metabolism ( yes there are way more than one THC illicit plant part ) even some Mainstream hospitals saving infants with inoperable brain cancers using High dosages of full extract cannabis oil . sorry man,. have not posted in a while this shit just comes out

    and here is news................ from 1974 !
    1974 Virginia medical school research proves cannabinoids kill cancer ( anti Neo-plastic activity of cannabinoids) ... not at all what Nixon and the Shaffer commission paid to find as it was a research effort to find harms in Marijuana. coming back with - (well it kills cancers) was just not a good move in the day for the political structure to recognize with and follow through with ... the research was buried under the rug
    9 times the researchers performed their research to conclude a viable proven with Biochemistry result

    1974 Virginia medical school research proves cannabinoids kill cancer at DuckDuckGo
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