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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cypress420Hill, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone, cypress420hill again, well basically, I stopped blazing about a week ago (temporarily) due to anxiety and whenever I do that, I start having crazy fucking vivid dreams. It happens every time I quit for a bit.
    Last night I dreamed that I was microwaving bacon and rice and I forgot to mix the rice with water so it hardened. The bacon turned out nice except when I ate it, it broke my tooth so I had to stop.
    The other night I had a dream that I found an asian guys wallet at a gas station with $150 dollars in it and kept it. He was asking me for his wallet in korean and I pretended I had no idea what he was asking me for. I don't actually know korean so I guess the guy was just saying random shit my subconscious thinks korean sounds like.
    I also dreamed 2 nights in a row that all the snow melted and both times I was convinced it was reality. One of the nights I dreamed that the grass was red instead of green but I thought nothing of it.
    I will continue to have completely fucked dreams until I start blazing again. It's pretty sweet. They'll probably turn lucid tonight or tomorrow. Does this dream shit happen to anyone else as intense as this?

  2. yeah man when im high i dont even remeber falling asleep but when i take t breaks i have vivid dreams every night... its awsome

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    One of the most reoccurring dreams I have involves elevators 'failing', for lack of better words
  4. Yeah man it's sweet but I'd take those vivid dreams away in an instant to be able to enjoy weed like I used to lol. Now I ALWAYS sketch about heart palpitations and have these fucked twitches I cannot control  :(
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  5. I usually get vivid dreams in the summer.. When I was on a t break, I once dreamt that I smoked a joint & I actually felt high in the dream. I hated waking up haha
  6. Hell yeah. When I quit smoking I have the most realistic dreams. For instance I took a break after my moms heart attack last year and I had a dream I was performing heart surgery at work(I work in a automotive warehouse)

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  7. Haha yeah usually when I take t breaks I have dreams that I keep finding big buds on the ground or buds falling from the sky
  8. I noticed that when i took a tbreak. I miss those dreams i used to get.. but now that i smoke i dont get dreams:/

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