Weed munchies gone?

Discussion in 'General' started by shmokblunt916, May 14, 2010.

  1. I have a pretty low body weight. like 30-40 pounds underweight, this is because my stomach always feels really sore or weak especially when i wake up and it goes on all day so i barely get much to eat. Now when i smoke weed I get the mega munchies SO i was practically using weed to give me the munchies so I could eat and gain some body weight, its been working and I gained like 4 pounds about but I sorta plateaud since lately weed isn't giving me the munchies anymore. I just had two bowls like maybe .4 of some trainwreckxGDP from a good hookup and I just looked at the marinated steak i have in the fridge from lats night that I put out to thaw but I dont wana cook it, i dont wana eat anything really even though it looks delicious.

    anyone else experience this like your weed munchies just disappearing?
  2. strange, now-a-days when I get high my stomache usually feels really weird and I don't eat cause I don't want to upset it o_O, but back when I was 15 or so.. man oh man $20 at del taco a night haha

  3. exactly, my stomach does feel weird and i dont wana upset it. I just forced some food down it was alright but not to much :(

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