Weed+Mouse+3 cats= AMAZING

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Happy Bong, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So a couple months ago I had been at my friends smoking all day, and when I got home around midnight decided to smoke some more. Anyway, I'm sitting downstairs watching tv and eating (BLAZED), when all of a sudden, my cat comes running into the room and drops a mouse on my foot. I got startled and jerked my foot and the mouse went flying across the room. My cat runs over and picks it back up. Then I follow her into another room, where she keeps letting it go and then pouncing it.

    At this time, another one of my cats came in to start hitting it for a while. I'm kneeling on the floor, filming the whole thing on my phone, narrating like fucking Steve Erwin. Soon my third cat comes in, and all the cats start fighting over who gets to fuck with the mouse. It turned in to this epic brawl, and the mouse shifted power several times.

    Next thing you know, my fat ass cat is playing with it, takes it into the kitchen, and knocks it under the fridge. Then she just looks up at me like "UH OH. I fucked up". I was so pissed at her. I started cursing her out because I couldn't get to the mouse.

    I finally got the mouse out several days later, but it was still a pretty awesome experience.
  2. lol.. I love my cats. I have a black 'n white girl who, to my neverending amusement, fetches my girlfriend's hair tie things. It's one of our great games when I'm stoned out of my gourd- because I don't have to move and she gets aaaallll the playtime she wants. ;)

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