weed mooches?

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  1. i have this one friend who i known for years. but recently he just comes over mine, eats all my food, smokes at least half of my stash and smokes all my cigarettes. I dont wanna cut him out completely because hes a good friend and all but all he thinks about is when he gets to smoke my weed next. and he smokes 3-5 times a week (my weed) but hes never brought weed himself. I tell him hes gotta pay one day but then he says 'weed is for sharing' and shit and just makes me feel like a bad person because i do like sharing it a lot but when someone smokes a quarter a week of my weed and never pays a penny back or even brings munchies then its not sharing its mooching. what should i do, i dont want to keep giving out weed like candy and i dont want to be known as a stingy asshole either

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  2. Tell him you quit smoking and fire one up after he leaves.
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  3. That sucks. I also don't mind sharing, I share a lot with family but they've also shared. Dude, this is tough. Does he work? He ever get his own and just not share with you? Idk this dude seems like a dick, in sorry. I can't really say what to do, you have the feelings. But personally wouldn't be able to be around someone who smokes and eats my shit all the time, the shit costs money. Good luck dude.
  4. That dude isn't your friend, he's what they call " a peice of shit". I assume your young, you will find and lose many so called "friends" that are like that. They always weed themselves out :ey:. And if you want to really test that if he's your friend? Do exactly what the other guy said and tell him you quit, and be convincing as fuck. Don't smoke with or around
    Him. And sit back and see how he acts after that.
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  5. he has literally never brought weed for me even though his brother grows and sells dank for 100 an oz to him

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  6. Wtf? Yeah fuck that guy. Talk to him about it, if nothing changes kick him to the curb. Getting shit st that price, he should be smoking you out.
  7. Is he getting the weed for you at that price from his bro? He probably thinks he's entitled to smoke because of the connect thing. If he isn't FUCK HIM. Fuck moochers. Do you guys live in a prohibition state?
  8. You gotta set some "unspoken boundaries" !! Thats terrible. The moment you stop smoking with him he'll cut you off. I've seen it happen all too many times. You gotta ask yourself "am I lonely enough to be ok with this"? If the answer is yes then let yourself go and continue you're 1-way friendship with the mooch.
    My senses tell me that since you're writing this post it's because you know its wrong of him. It doesn't make you feel GOOD. Dont do anything that doesn't make you feel good. It'll be a waste of weed in so many ways lol

    You can also try little trigger phrases when you hit him up to chill like
    ...you tryna MATCH?
    ...I got HALF on it.
    See what he says,,,if you're not good enough for his half, then he's not good enough for yours.
    Good Luck!:Love-Plant:
  9. No i live in england where its illegal but around my town pretty much everyone smokes it. I got it off his bro a few times but hes sketchy and i get an oz of dank for 125-150 off my main link and his shit is the best in town so i just buy from him.

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  10. In that case cut him off.He needs to get a life and learn a lesson about sharing and friendship. Sharing isn't a one way street. You gotta let him know that clearly.
  11. You gotta show ya boi the ropes. Put him in check like look dawg this is how it is, this how I feel, you either respect my wishes or kick it somewhere else until you do.

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  12. Just make it an official domestic partnership mate. Then you can dtr with your boyfriend. Relationships are like this, no?
  13. i was on about weed. but if you gotta project your sexual frustrations online, then its 2017, im not judging you

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  14. Smoke it up with your other buddies -1 friend won't kill you
  15. "I don't want to be known as stingy"

    At least people would think twice before asking you for your stash. People act as if it's a must to share weed. But weed is just as good as money, if not, better sometimes (it can make more than what you paid sometimes). Would you go around handing out 5 dollars to people if they asked just because (not even a homeless dude, just a dude who wants it)?

    I only share with my close close friends. Which at the moment, is nobody. Because I myself am on a temporary break, and the only other close friend I had also quit. Doesn't make me stingy. Just makes me smart with my weed. Unfortunately, I can't afford to just give it out to people like that. If I did that, I might as well just be giving them straight money each time. You'd probably think twice before handing them 5 dollars - why give them free weed? Smoking someone up is fine too, but don't make it a reoccurring thing all the time unless you truly enjoy their company and desire their friendship, and they aren't using you as a mooch. If they never give you any money back, or smoke you back ever, then you should probably reconsider that "friend."

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