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Weed money

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CaliGroveMonsta, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. This may not be the forum subsection please move if in wrong place.

    I've been trying to think of ways to get money for some bud.

    I need $20-30 by tomorrow

    No job
    I do have some shit to sell
    Mainly books, Xbox controllers, Stuffed Animals (LOLZ) and DVD's Oh and baseball cards that are worth somewhat of a pretty penny​

    What else should I do/Sell?? It would be very sweet to get 20-40 bucks tmmrw.

    Is there something i should search for? I have no idea, but I need to find a way to accumulate capital.....

    ^May not be exactly in the correct state of mind :smoking: help = appreciated :yay:
  2. Go rob your local gas station.

    I wouldn't sell my stuff for weed money.
  3. You can either get a job, sell your shit, or grow your own buds. Pick your poison.
  4. either get a job or sell those baseball cards lolz, but they won't sell quickly so id just get a job in the long run
  5. suck dick for $$$
  6. Its sad. I see so many people on these forums trying to bum for pot. Please do this for all of us who want pot legal. Please use pot respectively. Wait til payday and get your pot then. If you don't have a job. Go find one and use the little income you may have for something better than pot (not harder drugs ie: groceries, bills)
  7. ha!:p

    but really, dont sell your stuff thats stupid. its just weed bro. there'll be buds another day. its not like weed is gunna disappear lol
  8. Cotir, he sounds like a teenager who doesn't have to buy groceries or bills. Reread the OP bro.
  9. Go get some pussy. It's almost as good as weed, and it's free.
  10. I figured as much, but according to the forum rules, Im to assume he is an adult of at least 18. and if he is of legal age, he is 2 years above the legal age to get some kind of job. A paper route is a great way to make weed money.
  11. this.


    take notes children.
  12. Don't sell your possessions for weed.

    Mow some lawns! Door to door and once you get a few weekly customers you will be smoking weed all day, trust me it works for me!
  13. underage kid . asking what he should sell to get sum Buds lmfao.
  14. lol a weed junkie! smoke pole for money!

    lol if i was broke the first thing on my mind wouldnt be o shit i cant buy weed...well it would be close! i have $1000 of rent and utilities to worry about first.
  15. When I was in high school I used to run through the house looking for change and collecting it all. I would Coinstar it and make 30-70$ depending on how recently I had collected change before. It was always enough for at least a dub.
  16. #16 _ganja_, Sep 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2009
    You know, I've seen grown men trade their possessions for marijuana. It's not like once you turn 18 it automatically becomes impossible for you to barter. If you have something you never use/dont need, and you'd rather get buds than $ for it, then I see no problem.

  17. lmao..
  18. Donate Sperm...Donate Plasma....usually gets you between $40-80..

  19. and BINGO was has name-o :hello:

  20. yeah but u cant donate sperm if u have recently smoked in the past 24 hours

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