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Weed Mixed With Tea

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zarkrom, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. So im heading out to get high for the first time in about three hours. But the guy whose rolling out of the three of us going (the roller hasn't even paid but is just there cause he knows how to roll) says we should mix it with tobacco cause otherwise the thing wont burn.
    This doens't sound right to me and i am completely against smoking tobacco. Much rather just enjoy the pure weed without the nicotine addiction. 
    So another mate suggested we mix in a bit of tea. Im guessing cause it would burn like the tobacco but be safer. So does anyone have experience of this and did it work, or can anyone suggest any other safe alternatives to tobacco. 

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    Uhm. You definitely don't need tobacco for a joint to burn. Just go straight green, don't need anything else. However if you really need something to mix with, tea isn't that bad, it'd just taste weird. I seem to recall mixing with dry mint back in my high school days, so that's an option too. Have fun for your first time, and try to keep away from tobacco :smoke:
  3. Hi!

    Alright first of all, NO BACCY! NO NO NO! BAD! *smack*

    Tea on the other hand, that's okay. To relieve my urges to toke when I'm dry (a joint to the lips is just relaxing) I'll roll up a joint of tea and relax. Haha. Some teas do burn a tiny bit harsh though so be careful. Plus rolling tea joints for me is good practice.
  4. Well i talked them round and we stayed away from the baccy (or the tea) just did it pure. My one friend was baked (more than ever before) the other pretty high aswell, although he had less. I on the other hand smoked the most out of us but didn't get anywhere. My mate said i was laughing a bit more than normal but besides that nothing. Oh well, we'll hopefully try again in about a week or so and maybe it'll work better.
  5. i've mixed a various herbal teas in with my weed in a joint, but i find they leave a weird taste in my mouth after although it does make it burn slower and smoother.
    you won't get addicted to tobacco by having some in your joints, but if you're not used to it and can be a bit yuck. i find some people put more tobacco in than others, you really don't need much if any, itll smoke fine without tobacco as long as you roll it tight enough, on the other hand if you roll it too tight it'll be a bitch to smoke
  6. it works, its fun, and you can roll a J with like .4 and some tea and get high.

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