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Weed Misunderstanding

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I've been seeing a lot of talk about weed and people talking about mg like a 200 mg pizza and a bunch of shit like that will someone please explain cause I've never heard weed used in terms of mg
  2. Obviously they don't know jack all. Or something.
  3. 200 mg is 0.2 g
  4. But wouldn't it be easier to say a fifth if a gram?0.o
  5. Some (ideally lab tested) edibles display the specific THC and other cannabinoid content levels in milligrams, mainly because it's the professional way to provide the information, similar to other medications or even supplements... you won't usually look on the back of your vitamin bottle, and find many fractions.  :p 
     If you don't see a reference to specific cannabinoids after that number, then you should either ask the person who provided the edible what it refers to, or just cautiously assume that it's in reference to whole plant matter.... asking is your best bet though, considering 200mg THC is very different from 200mg in flowers, or even kief!
     Having an unspecific label that gives the amount in 'mg' without any other reference, may sometimes indicate that the providers are trying to be a bit sneaky, and pass off a weaker flower-weight edible, as a more cannabinoid heavy product, to the unsuspecting consumer.
     But if you can't ask, or if you can't trust the opinion of a middle-man, then even though an unspecified label can sometimes indicate whole plant weight you should still start eating slowly, as though it were the THC content, just to be on the safe side and to spare yourself a potentially rough time.
      When they're giving you a reference to the contents of the edible in whole plant or flower weight, they often will still say things like a "third, quarter, or half a gram", or "one and a half grams", but again when providing actual cannabinoid content, and making a reference to the specific chemical components of the plant matter, they'll try to provide a whole number in mg, rather than speaking in fractions of grams.
    ( The funny thing, though, is that the contents of an edible almost don't matter as much as the quality of the process, when determining the potency of success of the edible..... if they're made improperly, then it almost doesn't matter how many mg of THC it contains. Consider the difference between brownies made with ground herb, versus a properly made canna oil.
     Both could have the same mg/cannabinoid content, but one can get you incredibly medicated, sometimes from a small bite, and the other will usually be a dud even if you eat the whole brownie... or the whole pan of brownies! When your body can't absorb much of the potency you eat, you need to eat and blow through a lot more, to do even close to the same job as a readily-absorbed oil. :) )
     Hope this helps! :)

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