weed makes your balls get cancer

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  1. LOL


    Marijuana use may increase the risk of developing testicular cancer, in particular a more aggressive form of the disease, according to a U.S. study published on Monday.

    The study of 369 Seattle-area men ages 18 to 44 with testicular cancer and 979 men in the same age bracket without the disease found that current marijuana users were 70 percent more likely to develop it compared to nonusers.

    The risk appeared to be highest among men who had reported smoking marijuana for at least 10 years, used it more than once a week or started using it before age 18, the researchers wrote in the journal Cancer.

    The study found the increased risk appeared to be in the form called nonseminoma testicular cancer. It accounts for 40 percent of cases and can be more aggressive and more difficult to treat, Schwartz said.

    The researchers said they were not sure what it was about marijuana that may raise the risk. Chronic marijuana use also can have effects on the male reproductive system including decreased sperm quality, they said.:eek:
  2. This study is bullshit, please disreguard it and move.
  3. never listen to fox.
  4. never listen to cnn, abc or nbc

    edit: although i agree this is bullshit

  5. yeah pretty sure this was a study done by science daily I believe.

    but anyways here is NORML's response to this.

  6. It was the way the study was carried out that makes the results laughable. I cannot be bothered to explain it just do a forum search there's a ton of threads on this already.
  7. Yeah and it just happens to be right after Phelps get's caught with the bong. This is some goverment bullshit.:rolleyes:

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