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weed makes you incontinant?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Davey.K, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Im not sure if this is common and i guess it is kinda embaressing but does something in weed cause incontinancy?

    Seems like nearly each time i got wasted i lost a bit of self controll down there, not streams but still makes me a bit un easy smoking it :( I also feel like i have a bit less control the next day, only happens when i get wasted and never happens on nights when ive only had alcohol and no weed.

    Can anybody help me as i really love getting high (much more enjoy it over alcohol!), but it is allways on my mind when i get stoned and i have avoided some parties where my friends smoke during it because of it.

    Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.

    edit: Opps think ive posted this in the wrong section of the forum. I dont smoke weed for medical reasons, just recrational. Also its skunk i smoke - and fairly strong stuff at that.
  2. ive never heard of it to be a problem, but as weed is muscle relaxinbg, i guess if your urin stopmuscles are badly trained , you could perhaps get this problem when stoned, let me guess , you sit down a lot when your stoned?

    if so, it is most likely a combinatoin of relaxing muscles, togheter with a loss of bloodstream to the muscles wich control the urinflow through the urinschannel of the body,

    my adwise is to try to stand up for 10 mins every hour, just to get some blood flowing, maybe dance to a tune os something silly, and lay off alcohol and caffein, the two most urinedrawing things you can ingest.

    also dont go nuts on drinking water, ive seeen quite a few reefer addikts that also had a unhealthy wiew of drinking water, they were drinking like water all the time as they were totally into the idea that a lot of water is healthy, well it isnt it just makes you incontinent.
  3. Yeah i do sit down a lot, and most the time when i smoke im also drunk so maybe thats adding to it. Ill lay off the amount of alchol i drink and opt for smoking.

    Thanks ill give that ago now (just filling the bowl on my brand new bong for the first time :) ). Im glad that i now know how its happening and i also have a means of fighting it whilst stoned.

    Thanks a lot minimum payne (lol i just understood that name).

    Does anybody else have some extra adivse?
  4. I guess avoid drinking alcohol if you're going to get high, anyways. Because, as we all know, that'll really get you peeing pretty frequently. The more active you are at the time, you have less a chance of having incontinance. Don't drink TOO much water, but also don't drink too little. Both extremes can cause some problems. If you're out smoking with friends, maybe just drink a tenth of a liter of water (about the size of your average water bottle), and you should be fine for the entireity of the night (with moderate activity level). You'll avoid over ingestion (to a point of incontinance) and avoid dehydration. Good luck with that. Nothing to be embarrassed about!

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