Weed Makes You Forget Things

Discussion in 'General' started by GroTrees, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. smokings gotta be good for your eyes, maybe not the whole time, but in the beggining when your still peaking, u can see so much better and i think i could prolly do better on an eye exam if i was high

    anyway i thought of this today when i smoked up wich was extremely awesome but kinda sucks now, so anyway today when i got home i found some skiis and went cross counrty skiing into the woods to toke up and look for a grow site, i jus ended up like wandering thru the woods on rabbit trails ducking under trees and gettin lost and shit, it was really awesome to expierience, but then i got home and my mom comes in my room and i left my pipe out, it was litterally a foot and half from her face, but she hasnt confronted me yet, then my bro came in right after she left and i didnt think anything of him so i opened up ym stash right in front of him to put my pipe away and now im worried hes gonna steal my weed when im in school tommaro, also i fell asleep and forgot to call this wicket hot girl and i had all this hw i had to do n shit, so once again im fucked, i had a point to why i wrote this but i dont mem it now so ya isnt this interesting
  2. ur kind of fucked but not really, your mom hasnt mentioned anything? thats a good sign at least you know she isnt like wicked pissed or soemthing, and there's hope she didnt see it, and as far as your brother...just find a knew spot for it, and if he does take soem you will notice to talk to him about it and get it back or the money, and the girl just tell her that you couldnt call and say sorry, there all problems solved you are no longer fucked!
  3. Definately find a new stash spot and I chill for a couple days just to be safe.
  4. lol when i first saw this thread i was gonna come up with some smart ass remark like ..."oh shit dude really!? shit dude i gotta tell all my friends b4 they forget somethign important. damn dude i wonder if nebody else knos this."

    but ya stml can be a bitch.

    ask urself from past experience if ur mom is the kinda person when u do something bad does she blow up in ur face as soon as she finds out? or does she not say nething at all ever? or does she not say nething till poppa bear comes home n lets him take care of buisness?

    she probably didnt even see it just relax n remember to put ur shit away.
  5. idk my mom usually says somethin within a day or two but somethin like this sher might not, like when she found out i was sneaking out of the house n shit she didnt confront me for like 2 months, and about the hiding place its like irreplaceable, i gutted my vcr and i keep everything in there, i wouldnt even kno where to put the shit if i took it outta there
  6. hide it in an extra pair of boots or sneakers no way would my mom look in my shoes for it it stank to much in there just remember to put some odor eaters in the shoes first lol put the shoes under ur bed dresser or closet somewhere so they are not in full view but whos gonna look in ur shoes for weed noooooot me lol
  7. haha, that sux .. maybe your mom just didnt care..

    take care of your homework n shit before u toke up haha
  8. Maybe she doesn't doesnt care or really didnt see it...you never know

    I have no fucking clue how my dad doesn't know I smoke. A while back I walked in the house and was walking straight to my room to hide my stash, and I walke RIGHT into my dad in the hallway. My eyes were red as fuck, I reeked of bud and I couldn't even say anything to him. All he said was "Holy shit, your allergies musta really hit you today!)

    I guess I had allergies in the middle of February when it was raining :smoking:

    I've done all sorts of stupid shit like that though, so maybe he really doesn't care... :p
  9. Damnit...i have forgotten what i was gonna write.......:rolleyes:
  10. lol this is the one negative thing about pot.
    Its not specifically negative/bad.

    but ya you know what I'm saying. lol :smoke:

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