Weed makes me think like a kid?

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  1. Hey everyone, not sure where to post this but I'll post it here for now.

    Here's my theory .......

    I believe this to be ONE of the explanations as to why being high is so fun. I believe that when you get high your mind is reverting into the same state of mind as your childhood.

    When I think about it, it all becomes so clear. I used to be able to eat like fucking jughead and now my stomach hurts if I eat too much. I was incredibly creative when I was a child and it wasn't until I began smoking again that my creativity was "reborn".

    Im sure there are other things that help explain this theory but I can't think of them right now...

    Anyone else notice that when they get high you go into the same mindset as their childhood?
    Sorry if this does not make any sense I'm pretty ripped and I just thought I'd share.

  2. I wouldn't say it makes me think like I was a kid, it just gives you those great feelings of childhood happiness... things that are ordinarily mundane and uninteresting are suddenly vibrant and interesting, for example... Me and some friends went camping, we went to fish at a lake (there were no fish when we went) so me and my friend just watched salamanders fuck and just swim around for hours. (we were stoned, btw...obviously..)
  3. Plus, you tend to giggle alot .. Kids think everything is funny.:smoking:
  4. you only really "giggle" the first few times but of course you still can laugh your ass off

  5. I agree, I've thought the same thing before.
  6. That's a really good theory dude... I haven't thought about that until now. It makes a lot of

    sense. + Rep :)
  7. I am a kid in heart. Besides the "forced" grow up part of seeing what life is really like and how it sucks, but you've gotta move along and put a smile on, my thoughts are still the same and I remember every little bit of detail from my childhood past.

    One of the weirdest parts of me smoking weed is when I close my eyes, I see the cartoons I've used to watch moving around and in vibrant colors.
  8. Holy shit man, this is exactly what I think.

    I get feelings that I haven't felt since I was little. I completely forgot about them if that makes sense. It brings back those... early times you could say.
  9. Hahahahhahha. So I wasn't alone and/or completely baked with this thought!

    I notice kids at the store I work at and I'm like "yeah, they're blazed". Then I realize they're just kids.

  10. Yeah ... Laugh.
  11. Sorry, but I think your what they call a lightweight, or possibly still a kid?

    Weed gets me thinking much more maturely, not like a little kid. I have lots of fun when smoking we have a grand ole time, it's nothing like a little kid though. So I'd say it's a terrible theory with no actual backing to it. Should I neg rep you for putting up a theory without much of any statistics or evidence for your claims? Since you received +rep you probably should. Well, you couldn't be more wrong.
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  12. What a dick.
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  13. I didn't neg rep him I was only saying. So what makes me a dick?
  14. i find i rememebr stuff from my childhood. like i will do somthing really wierd and remember i did it as a kid.
  15. Idont think youre a dick because you said you should neg rep him, or because you disagreed, thats your opininion. Just the way you said in my opinion made you sound like a dick. You didnt have to insult him
  16. Rightfully so, but I personally find it insulting that he thinks marijuana causes people to think like kids. I think and act as a rational, intelligent adult, not like a kid. It's pretty sad if you think like a kid after you smoke, you probably should never do any manual labor or much of anything stoned. I hope you don't pursue this any further and talk like a kid and act like a kid. Sorry pal...
  17. its cool. i see where youre coming from
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    Well, hope it doesnt get you to a stage of being a child that you piss yourself, and while passing the bud... you ask one of your friends to change you, lol.
  19. Me and my friend came up with a theory that by smoking weed you set yourself back ten years. Now I'm only 18 so I don't know what it's like for a middle aged dude smoking, but I got to say sometimes when I'm high I feel like I'm 8 again. All my worries go out the window. I always feel like watching old ass sitcoms that I used to watch back then. Everything seems pretty funny. And then when it's all said and done I go and take a nap. Obviously there are wholes in this theory, but thinking about it this way is pretty cool.
  20. Haha, just today I was smoking in the woods with one of my friends, and we were picking up sticks and sword fighting each other with them for no reason. I went with a big heavy stick, and he went with a small quick stick :smoke:

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