Weed makes me see the truth?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zooted613, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Does anyone else ever like whenever they're high they get a true understanding of peace within? Like I don't know but for whatever reason whenever I'm high, I just have no worries whatsoever and I kind of understand myself a little more. Honestly every since I started smoking weed I've started to begin to see people true natures and underlying motives and really understand why they do the things they do. Like for me weed just makes able to make sense of the world of emotions and all that.

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  2. I cut off some friends because I realised how much of an asshole they we when I was high and they weren't.. I also have more self esteem issues when I'm high lmao

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  3. I like to think about space and the human race when i get really high. But then i need to chill out cause i start to freak myself out on how much shit i start to think about
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  4. That's exactly what I'm talking about! Like it's only when I'm high that I notice how shittt some the people I spend most of my time with are.

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  5. Yup, glad i did though lol

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  6. Unfortunately for me, the found truth is never peaceful.

    I may as well have been born into a Dostoevsky novel.
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  7. Pretty much the same.
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  8. YES - a lot. It doesn't just make me realize how some of my friends truly are. It also makes me realize stuff about the world we live in, about society and the whole system. And last but not least, it makes me realize a lot about myself as well, it makes me more honest and open and it makes me realize my own mistakes and gives me the ability to find solutions to my own problems.
    It can be tough at times but I love it. :toke:
  9. fugg yeah dude, it's why they keep it illegal
    can be hard to maintain a healthy mindset when you can see through the BS
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  10. Yeah dude. I like to think about life and the moon.
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  11. well yes, mind works better, something like tat
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  12. Yes. The inner workings of the mind work better when conditions are favorable to stimulate comprehension of your life and surroundings. White noise is penetrated when the good green herb hits the head.

    Knowing is great but understanding takes willingness to be honest to the self.
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