weed makes me see shit!!

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  1. when i get high i begin to hallucinate. i see it mostly when i am driving

    i would be driving and than the car in front of me would get really close to me and than get farther away... its really weird and almost caused me 2 crash a few times because i dont know the distance between me and the car in front of me

    objects would get close and than go back to the actually distance they seem to be and sometimes i would see flickering or flashing in my vision

    its hard to explain it does anyone else have this problem??
  2. can u pass that this way
  3. When I first started driving and smoking something, maybe the lines on the highway, would mess me up like the world was in a flipbook. Now I'm fine. Practice makes perfect.

  4. Hehe yea this has happened to me sometimes, but few times have I ever been so blazed I couldn't drive. My advice is know your limits, know your tolerance. When you are about to drive, really ask yourself if you can and be truly honest.
  5. when i first hallucinated it scared the shit out of me cause i thought i was going crazy but know im use to it i can still drive when i hallucinate i just have to make sure i know the difference between real life and non existent
  6. i have heard of this being reported with newer smokers. i toked out a country girl last Friday who smoked cigs already, so she new how to inhale some what. burned a FAT J around 4 people and she was flipping out, seeing things and the like. i don't think vivid hallucinations and thinking stuff was real. but motion threw her off and she couldn't correctly recognize stuff at a distance (we were outside and it was dark).

    note of the 4 people smoking at this part 2 of them (including girl in question) had never smoked before.

    note part 2: by the way it was flat out shwag, so its not a quality issue.
  7. You're not hallucinating, a side effect of marijuana is you depth perception gets fucked up. I've seen people reaalllly stoned and walk with their legs go real high up in the air like retards, bending forwards. It was probably the highest I have ever been too.

  8. looks like i need to get me herb from miami
  9. I only ever (mildy) hallucinated once after msoking, and by God I had smoked a lot that day, and it was also not long after I had started smoking so I got more fucked up due to a low tolerance. I was walking back to my place, but I always stopped in the complex across the street to look through a hole in a fence to see if my mom was home by whether or not her car was there. Not only was it there, but for a split second the thing looked like a giant fucking cartoon pig in a canoe.
  10. wtf, you shouldn't be driving around if you start hilucinating.. you could kill someone/yourself.
  11. oh right, back to the point. I dont know, ive hilicinated once on pot, i thought there were bleach stains all over my pants.. and they were moving..
  12. LOL. whatever you're smoking i fucking want some :| When i was the highest i'd ever been i kept seeing someone who wasn't there outta the corner of my eye sitting beside me... it was creepy, when i was looking forward i saw him, but when i turned to look it disappeared...

  13. that sound an awful lot like blotter :smoke:
  14. lol good shit
  15. Yeah my depth perception gets really fucked sometimes so I'll see a house in the distance and think it's a really weird pattern in the tree's leaves, or I'll think a telephone pole is some fucked up tree on the horizon-mountains.

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