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Weed makes me really sick now, please help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Laterlus, Jun 22, 2009.

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    EDIT: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make 2 threads :(

    When I first started smoking, I loved weed. It made me feel relaxed, hungry, and laughable. I hardly ever had a strong mind high, and I was perfectly content with the controllable, relaxing high that weed offered.

    I started doing ecstasy, more so than weed, so I took a break from weed for a while. I decided to take a break from e, because I knew it really was neurotoxic and I didn't want to keep depleting my serotonin.

    I started to smoke weed again, but I had become less tolerant to it, and I began to feel new effects that I hadn't felt before- now, when I smoked weed, things felt "dreamy" and looking around at everything and everyone I was questioning if anything was even real. I would then hear strange ringing and buzzing sounds, and it appeared that time was slowing down. I couldn't remember anything I was saying or doing, as if I had short term memory loss. Things seemed to be less real, and sights seemed to be completely new even though I had seen them many times before.

    I know that this is simply the high, but it had taken a long time before I could feel all of the effects of weed. At first, I only felt body highs, and now, I feel mostly a mind high- which I don't particularly like.

    I put down weed again, started popping E, and then took another break and went back to weed.

    However, it had seemed that the weed has forsaken me.

    Now, whenever I smoke weed, I become really dizzy, nauseous, delusional, and really paranoid about nothing. I almost always end up throwing up, and then I become so extremely worn out that I almost always pass out.

    I can't enjoy weed like I used to, and I don't know what to do. Should I stop pills and cigs, excercise, and eat fruits and vegetables? Should I take a break from weed? Should I just smoke less?

    I don't know what to do. I'm a lightweight at only 125, and I only need like 3-4 hits to get high and 1-2 to get buzzed. I want to be able to be high again without becoming sick.

    What should I do?
  2. Troll? I think so, time to go back to watch Alice In Wonderland.

  3. No, I'm not a troll, I really feel sick when I smoke weed now and I know that this isn't normal. I was hoping someone could help me because I'm tired of feeling the way I do when I'm high.
  4. take a break from doing both and see what that does...

  5. I should do that even if I didn't feel sick from weed...

    Ok, I'll try.
  6. Was it a different strain of weed? It might have been laced, but I doubt it, that's pretty rare. I don't really know much about ecstasy because I don't do it, but it could've fucked with your body chemistry, but I don't know, I'm not a doctor. Try taking smaller hits, and don't smoke too much, your tolerance has probably gone down since you switched to E. Otherwise I don't know what to tell you, I've never seen something like that.

  7. I've heard that ecstasy can lower your immune system, so possibly I'm kind of weak right now, and yeah, my chemicals are probably fucked right now. Hey, it's nothing time won't heal. I just wish that weed would stop making me throw up and shit...
  8. I like the time when you posted this thread (4:20) and I also think that you should drop the exstacy. You are just messing with your head if you do that shit. I think you should do the whole shi-bang. Exercise, eat well, and stop popping the e and I know you will start generally feeling better both mentally and physically. As for smoking weed, I think that you should try just smoking rarely for a while and working yourself back into it. Try getting high on LIFE for a while and you won't regret it.

    Just try to get in a good state of mind while/before you smoke. :D

  9. Thank you for your input. :)
    And yeah, I haven't been high on life for a while. :smoking:
  10. I've known like 5 people who smoked for some time, then (usually all of a sudden) their high's take a turn for the worst.

    A couple of them noted that they were smoking out of the same bag, so it wasn't a "weed" thing as much as it was some odd "physical" change in themselves that totally turned them off of smoking.

    They all had
    symptoms of nausea/vomiting, dizziness, disorientation, and extreme paranoia.

    I knew there was something up to this, I wonder what the trigger was...
  11. Thetruth - good advice. I've never heard of this. smoke getting better quailty bud, some times when i smoke low mids/ schwag i don't have an enjoyable high
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    Lol you have no tolerence and smoked like you used to.
    Smoke less dammit!! It's also possible that you are accidently swallowing smoke, that can make you feel sick.
    It's probably all those fuckin other drugs making you feel sick. Cannabis is medicine.

    It's also possible that you just aquired a sativa dominent strain, and it hit you hard since you were used to indica.

    Try eating or vaporizing it and see if you feel different. They both have different effects then smoking.
  13. This happens to me sometimes when i get wayyyy too baked. You have to learn to smoke the amount that gets you high, not over the limit. I just learned to smoke less and built my tolerance back. It still happens every once in awhile if i get too baked (like the 2.5 gram blunt i smoked the other day, i kinda bugged). Just take a break and start it slow man. Don't worry, weed cant hurt you, you just gotta tell yourself that!
  14. this exactly happened to me!
    i did ecstasy and now when i smoke i get wicked paranoia, i stress out, my heart races and i feel like all is lost when i smoke. but after reading this:

    i think he's right. because i've only smoked with my friends since and when we smoke we smoke a ton of weed and thats when i start to feel wicked terrible. BUT, the first two hits and i feel pretty good, then after that, its downhill. its just hard to say no when your friends want to smoke you out. but if they are your friends then they'll understand.

    i think im gonna detox for awhile before i start smoking again, ecstasy messed with me hard core but im confidant things are getting better.
  15. i think wats happening to u is a panic attack, i get them all the time when i smoke weed, i started getting it after i fried on mushrooms to hard and then a day or 2 after smoked weed and got way to high, and freaked out thinking time and everything wasnt reeal, just rember its all in ur head, ur ok and it wil go away soon, u can die from freaking out like that the worst thing that will happen is ull pass out, so just keep smoking that feeling gos away [p.s. smoking weed after u do other drugs like that a day after or more will make ur weed high stronger even if u havent had that drug i like a week or shorter amount of time


  16. when you take a break from weed, your tolerance starts to go down. Im a heavy smoker, and at one point I stopped for 2 weeks. when i started again, I could only smoke half what I could before, and my highs were the same way for a while. my tolerance is back up now though, and i'm back to smokin just like i was before.
  17. Hi guys I just googled this topic.. thanks for the input,

    When I was younger I smoked everyday then stopped at 18 now I just started smoking again after 25yrs and the stuff I've been smoking lately was ok 4-5 hits and I was high then I got some killer sht and with 2-3 good hits I get way too high anyhow I got sick and lost my cookies first time, since I've had to lay down a couple of times after a couple of good hits.
    It's got to be my tolerance being so low, looks like one hit is all it takes for me :)

    I know eating it can cause the same effect even for some veteran smokers a friend of mine found out when he ate one to many cookies and was so high he panicked and called 911 and went to the hospital :p

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