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Weed makes me anti-social and depressed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anaru, May 16, 2010.

  1. Lately weed has been making me anti-social and depressed in social situations. I can smoke fine by myself, but when I smoke in a group I get all shy and not happy. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I used to be the opposite in social situations, I would get energetic and happy. I honestly don't even enjoy smoking in a group anymore. Is there anyway to restore that old feeling?
  2. I know how you feel. I hate when I'm in a big group, I'm fine until we are finished a fat bowl or 2 then I run out of words to say, and get anxious.

    I just don't smoke as much when I'm in those situations, it's better if it's a bunch of close friends.
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    Your probably gay.:rolleyes:

    Of all of the things you could have said this was all you could come up with? If you can't be helpful or productive please don't post here bro. ~AK~
  4. Man I'm the exact same way. It's also gotten worse as I've gotten older and tried other drugs. Anything more than a puff and I'm a paranoid, anxiety-ridden mess :(
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    ^ that wasn't very cool TABOR

    Man have you taken a second to look at your life and assess whats going on around you? I've found that negative things in my life seem to reflect in the way I act sober or not.

    Maybe try taking a T-break as well, it'll help you get your head clear and the highs will become more enjoyable

    Hope this helps
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    haha. you would know tabor. :laughing:

    Dont be so mean to the guy. i know how yah feel. I think weed makes me paranoid. Which makes me awkward around certain people I dont chill with as much. I guess its because i analyze everyone I met and decide wether or not i like them right then. Not because I want to, but because I have to. I know that sounds shitty, but Im not tryin to get popped if ya know what i mean!
  7. I generally get really quiet when i get really stoned. I dont think that should be anything to wworry about. Although, the depression side doesnt make sense to me. I suffer from severe depression and smoking is what helps me. I know everything doesnt have the same side effects from one person to the next, but the depression part just doesnt make sense to me :confused:
  8. really this doesn't belong in seasoned tokers. Many people get this in there years of smoking sometimes. You just gotta learn to deal with it yourself and figure out what works for you. That's all the advice i can give you.
  9. you don't have to be depressed because you don't talk in groups. i'm quiet as fuck when blazing sometimes no need to talk. but idk how you actually feel so i can't really empathize. sorry bud.

  10. me too man. just doesnt affect me the same way anymore. just take a break for a bit and when ur not high ur fine...smoke only when ur comfortable and know u wont be going into a big social situation
  11. this ^ and clean up all the crap in your life if there is any....

  12. Iv quit for about week so i can find job and any piss tests. (stiill going on for the 30+ day max)

    I can't seem to function in social situations. Like when i smoke by myself its all good. But i get too paranoid with groups. I think if you have even the least of anxeity it is bound to happen. Fuck it if I begin to smoke again ill just do it by myself. I know MY limits.

  13. You're thinking too much, control your breathing. Also, this is just a common case of you having exactly the same high as you did alone, just you realize how high you are more around other people.

    Just slow down your mind and your breathing and you'll be ok.
  14. Some people have that, I have it too. Weed raises my self-consciousness x1000. Everything I do, I picture myself being scrutinized by people around me, it's annoying.

    When I'm with really close friends I don't have it though, but with people I hardly know, man...

  15. LOL AK has a point
  16. I know exactly how you feel. You ether have to smoke less, or smoke with people who make you happy. I discovered that if you hang out with people who fuck around sober, you become twice aware of it when you're high.

  17. I find, generally, cannabis reveals you to yourself, like the famous Bob Marley said. If you have shit going on in your life that your running from or uncomfortable with mary jane is gonna bring that shit out and show you. Also it may be the ppl your surrounding yourself with when you smoke in groups. People who are truely your friends shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable. So it could be all in you're head, maybe you think weed is going to do this to you so it ends up happening. Over time you will deal to work with it and overcome it, you just gotta find a way to do that if you want to continue to smoke. Best of luck to you in your situation dooode.

  18. Seems to me that the more people smoke the more the negative effects show up and the positives disappear. I noticed this for me too, thats why i'm takin a tolerance break. If I were u i would just stop for a month and try smoking with friends. If you still get anxiety take a longer break maybe 3 months. Good luck man.
  19. Alcohol > Weed in social situations.
    Weed > Alcohol alone.

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