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Weed makes me act like a lunatic.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cplus, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. I can't seem to enjoy anything while high. For example, watching a movie or playing a video game. I can't stay focused on it, I'm constantly stuck in my head pacing around my house talking to myself or just staring at myself in the mirror for minutes like I'm mentally ill. Sometimes I feel a demonic presence while I'm high It's fucking scary as hell when it happens. Should I be smoking at all? I'm worried that this might actually trigger a mental illness I might have. Thoughts?

  2. Relax man.
    Try smoking and stay away from electronics for the first few times.
    Just let it mellow over you. Trying to concentrate when high is no good.
    probably not..
  4. I can't mellow out, my thoughts become bat shit crazy. Is there a way I can control my thinking or at least slow it down?
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    Occupy yourself, I used to have the same problem but you need to stay busy (eg): Cook some Chicken Enchiladas and blast some music while your cooking.

    Also, try a Sativa dominant strain and slow down on smoking so much. Just relax and go for a ride.

    "Happy Early Turkey Day :D"
  6. Go to your kitchen, get the biggest fucking knife, or better yet cleaver, sit in a corner staring out into the dark and occasionally just SWING that fucker...just to be on the safe side...youre not mentally ill...just careful.....
  7. Relax, bro.
  8. haha... i think you are trolling, but try an indica strain.
  9. you probably OD'd on weed. be more careful next time, you might die if you take in a few more hits.
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    OP, you're not very far off. A Korean person visited Hell and said that they saw people smoking and the smoke that they exhaled was snakes and that their alcoholic drinks were snake filled also. Your feelings of something demonic may not be very far off. Perhaps you are an empath and your abilities become more pronounced when you are under the influence of cannabis.

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  11. Yeah....go heavy indica and go BIG.  You won't have the ability to pace and wander around.
  12. weed brings out the lunatic in you. it's not making you the lunatic. fix yourself and stay away from pot until then. you're gonna fucking shoot up a school if u keep using
  13. If you don't enjoy how you feel after you smoke, then don't do it. You could try vaping, as it gives a "clearer" high than smoking.

    🎶Is this deliverance? Is it the end?🎶
  14. Stop smoking the Devil's lettuce, OP. Satan is trying to get you to sell him your soul for more Mary Jane

    Sent from four score and seven years ago
  15. How much are you smoking? Try using A LOT less.
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    I used to be like you when I first started and got high alone. You are smoking too much at once. Your body will get used to it but slow down for now.
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    Do not smoke. It's not doing you any good. Sorry, bro. Weed aint for everyone. I used to think it was, but I have discovered through experience that it is not suitable for everyone.
    Although, having a demonic presence in my head would be trippy as F.
  18. Relax and listen to music. Or go on a nature walk
  19. It's just a little psychosis.

    It's temporary and potentially fun.

    Are you a fallen angel battling demonic forces on Earth?

    Or maybe you're Jason Bourne who forgot the CIA is looking for you.

    Are reptilian aliens controlling the media and toying with you for sport.

    Enjoy your psychosis. People pay good money to trip. You get to do it for free.
  20. I hate reading these posts your killing my vibe. Your thinking to hard

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