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Weed made my friend have a seizure

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CRIMSONxOMERTA, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. He's not new to smoking at all, but holy fuck. I'll keep it short though... We were at this sausage fest of a party and everyone was toking up. He gets a fully loaded bong and rips it clear. All of a sudden he starts coughing and gasping and we all tried to laugh it off. Then, he started having a damn seizure right in front of us! Full shakes and everything. He even drooled all over the place. He'd never had a seizure in his life until then. We basically led him to an empty guest room and laid him down for a nap, checking on him periodically. Why did this happen? Also, when he took the hit I saw all the smoke go into his mouth. When he was coughing his ass off, NOTHING came out. How the hell did all of this happen? Thankfully he's ok. He also threw up frequently after he laid down for that nap. Sorry about how unorganized this post is. I keep remembering little details that I think might help. Thanks.
  2. Wow, that wasn't very short. D:
  3. It's possible, but unlikely that weed was the only cause of his seizure. There's a better chance he's epileptic and had an episode as he was smoking.
  4. dude did u go see a doctor or to a hospital? those can kill u if go untreated
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    Dude this shit happened to me before, i was down the shore with 3 of my buddys and we were outside smoking, my friend hands me the bowl, i hit it, and look at my friend real weird and that was the last thing i remember, they said i blacked out for 30seconds and dropped the the ground and started shaking uncontrollably scariest shit of my life.
  6. too much weed, not enough oxygen

    probably wasn't a legit siezure, if it was he probably has some kind of medical condition
  7. his heart probably started pumping to fast. Faster then his normal heart rate so his body probably wasn't ready for the weed.
  8. I'm almost positive he had a seizure. He showed all the characteristics. Also, I really doubt he would have had the seizure had he not ripped the bong.
  9. I'm guessing your friend is prone to seizures. He may have epilepsy, which is a brain disorder. It occurs when permanent changes in the brain tissue cause the brain to be too excitable or jumpy. I don't know of weed inducing seizures seeing as it a nerve relaxer but it is possible. Weed or no weed though your friend could have a seizure at any time.
  10. Yeah he needs to get his ass to the doctor.
  11. Like others have suggested, he is likely prone to having seizures, or seizure-like reactions. These can be brought on by anything from anxiety attacks, to having the wind knocked out of you.. Anything that alters the state of the mind, or releases certain, even natural chemicals and endorphins in the body at an unexpected rate, can trigger seizures in those who are predisposed.

    This could be something he's been experiencing privately, and hasn't come forward about, or it could be the beginning of something very serious. Or, it may never happen again if he controls his exposure to certain stimulation.

    One way or the other, it may be a good idea for him to go get checked out by his doctor.
  12. You don't get seizures from weed, bro.
  13. You have to be seriously dumb if you actually think he had a real seizure. There is a good chance he would have bit of his tongue or even choked on it. Also drooling doesn't mean seizure. It can just mean he wasn't getting enough oxygen and too much of something else, and in this case it could be the smoke. Trust me on this. This happened to my friend like a year ago and we actually brought him to a doctor and he told us what happened and that it wasn't a seizure. Bring him to a doctor though just in case.
  14. Don't drag weed into this. Weed didn't give your friend a seizure, your friend not being able to handle his shit gave him a seizure.

    I hope he is doing okay though.
  15. I drool when I look at my weed. Especially when it's dank. :smoke:\
  16. Any idea where the smoke went?
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    I'm not really "blaming" weed in a bad way. The title is kind of misleading.
  18. Yo this is a true story dead ass, i filmed it

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDU-ORO0Xeo&feature=related]‪Don't Be A Menace (Loc Dogg and His Friends)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Holding in smoke for more than 10 seconds allows it to absorb into your lungs. It's bad to hold it in, it's called ghost hitting.
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