Weed lowering the immune system

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  1. So on average I smoke about once every two weeks. I noticed that usually the day after smoking I feel sniffles and a cold coming coming on. If I smoke a lot, it is virtually guranteed to happen the next day, even if I am feeling completely healthy. The few times I have smoked when I had colds, I have woken up feeling much sicker the next day.

    So does anyone else think that thc might lower your immune system. I mean its not like it happens every time. For example, during the summer it will rarely happen. However, during the winter I am almost afraid to smoke cause I hate having a cold.
  2. Well, I have a cold now, and just smoked today. I'll let you know if its better/worse tomorrow. It's just pollen and allergies dude. If you smoked and stayed inside then you should be fine and not get sick, just make sure the temp doesn't change in your house alot.
  3. Nah man its Definetly not allergies. I only get allergies mid July through August and they feel way different then a cold. When I have allergies it makes no difference whether I smoke or not, if anything weed might help my allergies a bit.

    My observations aren't just based on one or two experiences, its based on the past two years of my life. There is definetely a pattern between me getting colds and smoking weed. I thought at first it might be cause I go outside to smoke and while I am outside I am cold and whatnot, but then i tried smoking indoors and eating edibles and the same thing happened.
  4. Maybe the person/people you smoke with are sick?
  5. thats weird
    for me its the opposite i smoke sometimes when im sick and i feel better.
    i guess its different for everyone and i got lucky

    i think that this is just u cuz if it was real the anti weed ppl would b allover it
  6. I have considered it, but this can't be the case. About, half the time I blaze alone
  7. You could just be allergic to pot. My uncle is so he only sometimes smoke. It doesn't sound like it's that bad for you so it's not that big of a deal, some people who have allergies to it will still smoke everyday. either way there's nothing you can do about it as far as I know.
  8. Have you considered switching to vaping?:confused:
  9. Vaping may be the solution. I get swelling in my nostrils from any smoke, but nothing from vaping. It can last a few days, too.

    Weed actually has been shown to have a very positive effect on the immune system. Aside from a cannabis or smoke allergy, (or sharing a j with a sicky) there isn't much chance of it making you sick.
  10. I feel like my immune system is stronger now that I started smoking. In my senior year of high school (around this time last year), I was terribly sick for a week. This was when I started smoking almost daily. Since then I didn't get sick at all even though all my friends has a cold or something. It wasn't until I starting fucking with pills that I got sick again.
  11. OP, I have problems similar to you, although they aren't very common. I notice that it usually happens when I'm smoking tobacco and weed. On Saturday, some friends and I smoked throughout the day (and I downed a lot of cigarettes too) and went to the hookah bar for a few hours later that night. Sunday morning I wake up and I'm coughing pretty bad and my nose is runny. Unfortunately, I'm still coughing and my nose is still runny.

    Were you smoking tobacco as well as weed, or just weed?
  12. I rarely smoke spliffs so i don't think its the tobacco. Plus during the Summer and fall I used to smoke ciggarettes (quit now) and didn't get sick afterwards.

    I dont know maybe I just have a really weak immune system and every time I smoke weed it's just the lil push to send it over the edge. Idk, we shall see. I am doing a complete detox diet now and am going to get back in the shape I was before I went off to college lol. This should get my body running optimally. I will hold off on weed until then and see afterwards
  13. Smoke lowers your immune system. You are stressing your autoimmune system by inhaling toxic chemicals from the smoke, and this constant stress on your immune system makes it less resilient and weaker.

    There is no point to smoking in this day and age. Switch to vaping.

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