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weed losing smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dumarti, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I picked up some 1g of very nice dank 4 days ago, it was in a tin foil and had a very very strong skunky smell to it.

    I left it in the foil and put it in a box and today, 4 days later, when i opened it up it had absolutely NO smell to it. Like i would get the nug it almost in my nose but nothing. I could smell the foil but not any weed. It haven't changed look, it's still beautifully dank altough a little bit dried out.

    I know it's normal for weed to lose some of the smell in contact with oxygen, especially if it's not in a mason jar, but it seems very odd to me to got from one of the strongest weed smell I've ever got to basically NOTHING. Like i even kept mids same way for much longer but it still had some smell to it later. I actually smoked the same weed same day while it was fresh with a buddy who picked up with me. It didn't feel laced or anything no headaches whatsoever just a very nice high. Maybe a bad strain, or something, but it still looks amazing and has an amazing high.

    What could it be ?
  2. You answered it yourself, you left it in tinfoil for 4 days.
  3. Well maybe, but I already said I've been keeping other bud the same way for longer and it still smells. Thanks for help anyway, just hoping it didn't ruin the quality or something. Gonna stay away from tinfoil from now on.
  4. After 4 days I don't think you'll see a change in potency, leaving it there for longer I'm sure you will. And yah, just get a cheap mason jar. There's really no other explanation for why it lost it's smell.
  5. if ur not gona use a mason jar
    at least use one of those kodak film canisters so the nug can sit and bask in its own dank smell
  6. This is not the proper way to store cannabis. Whether it be hash or marijuana, it should be stored in a cool, dark, airtight, dry place. A jar or some kind. If you're storing it for a long time, freeze it in your freezer. Make sure it's surely airtight, as you wouldn't want frost to enter the container...

    Marijuana looses aroma if not kept in this way ---^ It eventually leads to lower potency of the bud as well, so be aware.

    Aroma doesn't mean potency. Looks, like color doesn't really affect potency. Brown weed can simply mean that the marijuana has been water cured, though this not likely, as commercial growers want more money for less bud, and by water curing it, they'd get more bud for less money. Anyways, it's probably fine man. Just try to keep it somewhere airtight and you'll be good for a few weeks I suppose :)

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