Weed left over from the Sixties

Discussion in 'General' started by ralex999, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hey, I just discovered some weed I had stashed (so stoned I forgot where I hid it for forty years) and wondered if it would be okay if I smoked some of it tonight?
    Here is a photo of it. I bought it from a guy called Jerry Garcia and Jimmy Hendricks.


    Let me know if you think if is safe to smoke.
  2. Here's a photo I took of Jerry chasing Jimmy after he smoked some of the stuff:

  3. I've smoke 20+ year old weed. The cannabinoids have long since degraded.

    Smoke it though. Just so you can say you've smoke weed that old.
  4. Sell it on ebay as a collector's item.:D
  5. I think ralex999 is a pretty cool guy. he smokes old weed and doesn't afraid of anything.
  6. Here's a photo of me and my buddies smoking this shit during my college days in the sixties.

  7. Hey des esseintes, thanks for the comment. I just read an article that weed may help against the swine flu so I thought I would do my patriotic duty tonight and fight off all those strains floating around. Take care and out grow the bastards
  8. BTW, where did you find it at after 40 years?
  9. Jimi Hendrix dumbass
  10. Not trying to be mean but thats a pretty big mistake. Did you really find some?
  11. [​IMG]

    But, seriously, topic of the year IMO.
  12. This pic is priceless. Makes me lol every time.
  13. lmfao where did you find this hilarious gif

  14. I just went through a move to a new house and found a trunk that I had moved out of my college dorm to my parents house. When they passed away, I just cleaned out their house and thought that my old trunk just contained old clothes. During this move, I looked in the bottom and found my old stash wooden box with two unused tickets to Woodstock (I think I was too stoned to make the trip) and a full lid of Mexican Ditch Weed that I think I paid about four dollars for back then.

    The weed pretty much crumbled in my hand and it tasted much like grape vine did when you were a kid and lit the end of one of those dried up stalks. Very harsh taste, absolutely no THC left and not even a head ache from it but as the guy said, I smoked it just to be able to say I did. There was one little bud left and I removed a seed or two and put it in the Volcano and to my surprise, there was a taste to it and rather smoothe compared to the straight hit.

    I am going to try to germinate the seed knowing full well that life expectancy is less than four years for seed stored in a freezer in a film canister. But I read somewhere they discovered a five thousand year old seed in an Egyptian Mummy and germinated the seed. I don't see any cracks or fissures on the seed and it appears tight and dark black. I am going to use the paper towel method to restore some of the moisture and see if it germinates. Might be interesting to see if it sprouts.

  15. Hah a friend from another forum posted it in a thread and I couldn't stop laughing so I saved it!

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