Weed laced with methamphetamines??

Discussion in 'General' started by blackdro, May 28, 2009.

  1. What are the after effects of smoking this??????
  2. Not sure about the effects, but i just wanted to let you know that if your not asking for laced bud, you prolly aren't getting it
  3. probably a very very active and aware type of high at best.
  4. another question!!! does the potency of marijuana break down over time????
  5. prettty sure it does, thats why you keep it in like air-tight things like jars and baggies and shit
  6. Effects are two fold:
    1) weed effects.
    2) methamphetamine effects.
  7. ^^^how long did it take you to think of that???;)
  8. read somehwere meth isn't smokable, high temps degrade the shit down, now.. crystal meth is a different story, no idea why don't really care, drugs are bad.. smoke weed every day now
  9. Couldn't tell you... Never heard of anyone lacing something with more than one methamphetamine.
  10. whats the best detox method?
  11. you gotta a lot of questions there tiger...:cool:
  12. The search bar in the top right...
  13. meth is some crazy shit, i don't mess with that shit...100% natural
  14. QFT, no meth, no needles, everything else I'll try once
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    lol I'm not trying to do meth.. I was wondering if the weed was laced... had 2g of purp didn't have purp hairs or nothing matter fact...


  16. Then it wasn't purp.....
  17. now that i took the pictures I see some purple stuff... man fuck:confused_2::hide:

    I been outta the game for a while... a long ass time. still can't get back in ... gotta hate America for making marijuana illegal and abortions legal... I swear this country does shit assbackwards.
  18. I never did understand the point to lacing bud, dumb kids used to ask me a while ago "you sure it aint laced??" i would slap'em,lol.

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