weed just doesnt do it for me :(

Discussion in 'General' started by stbernard808, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. i have been a stoner for a pretty long time... started when i was fifteen... smoked alot to the face when i was a little older.... also did alot of pyscadelics which probably didnt help... now weed just doesnt seem to do it for me much any more. instead of getting really high ( i still feel pretty happy and things) i just get tired and hungry, and i sometimes get a headache. this is troubling, because i love smoking. right now id rather just get crunk :(
  2. When was the last break you had?
  3. what kind of weed do you smoke?

  4. i quite for a month during the summer. like as in 33 days. i counted. after that i smoked some mid, didnt get as stoned as i thought i would get. still got a nice buzz.
  5. everything from shit mid to dank.
  6. and the dank doesnt get you high?
  7. Just dont smoke crack.
  8. it gets me high. but not nearly as high as i used to.

    im sure if i smoked 2 bowls to the face i would get pretty high, but i usually get sleepy before i hit that desired feeling.
  9. tried it once. it was a rush. ill never do it again though. extremely bad for you.
  10. i sorta know what your saying... i was like that for a long time till probation

    i just started smoking again for the first time in 6 months and the first time it was with brick and i got a blazing migraine and had to go to work like that..

    i found it was cause i smoked too much. i just smoked again today and i just smoked a little and i got nicely blazed cause of my low tolerance.

    i suggest dank (preferably namestrains). and smoke just a little. and take a break in between hits. or jus not that big of hits..

    that'll cure your headache problem. cant guarentee that'll get you higher haha but for the headache part itll help alot
  11. ill try and find some namebrands. its hard in this area though.
  12. get some 5-htp and eat like 2 - 3 pills a day on a smoke break of a week .... after the week start smoking again ...
  13. thanks chronik, i might give that a try.
  14. Sounds like you just need a tolerance break.

    I've reached that point where my high isn't that great anymore...just a few weeks ago I went to Florida and took a week break.

    Now I'm getting high as hell again.

    All in moderation.

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