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Weed jokes?!

Discussion in 'General' started by mr.bong, May 31, 2009.

  1. Ok kinda rant-ish thing here, I really don't know why but it rather pisses me off when I see this..

    Basically, I don't understand what's so funny about weed jokes to people who don't smoke :confused:.
    Why is it that people who obviously don't smoke seem to find jokes about smoking weed the funniest? As I said before, I don't see why it pisses me off, but when I see a kid in year 7 or 8 in a movie theatre laughing his head off at a weed joke, or when seeing lots of weed in a movie be like "wooooooooow" in some fucking inspired voice, like they'd REALLY want to have it or something?!

    Maybe it's just because I'm high but I'm really nonplussed about the whole thing. Weed jokes are meant to be for people who SMOKE WEED, other people finding them funny just doesn't make sense..

  2. its cause stoners are warm and funny people, (and kids see this in actors such as seth rogan, or cheech n chong back in the day.......) and they want a part of the fun......

  3. QFT!

    Also, in some cases they might be laughing in a condescending way at exaggerated portrayals of "stupid stoners." :(
  4. Hmm I can see what ya mean with the Seth Rogan thing, he's like THE movie stoner haha I'd love to share a joint with that guy. Thehighroad that'd be it too, the media does do a good job of making sure that stoners are seen as stupid..

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