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Weed isn't bad facts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xv9186, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. my mom knows i smoke, but still doesnt allow me to do it. whenever i try to talk to her about it and show her websites on how its not bad, she just says "those are just websites made by potheads".
    so does anybody know any legit websites that I could show her? and I AM 18, i just still live with my parents
  2. Show her the Union on netflix, show her the struggle of NORML and how they are not potheads but smart supporting people.
  3. I already showed her the union and she said the same thing haha
  4. #5 TrueNirvana, Aug 4, 2011
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  5. Alright, here is what you do...Pay very close attention to the end.

    First, sit your mom down at the kitchen table (important that it is the kitchen, it is well known women become volatile outside of the kitchen), make sure she is comfortable...Or as comfortable as she can be after a day of cleaning, cooking, and general kitchen business. Once she is settled as her for something to drink, women love serving people, something naturaly or something...Not sure really. She'll bring you what you asked for to drink (important note here, if she is wrong on your order do not be afraid to inform her), she might even have a drink of her own, but you know how women are. Lean in and tell her you need to tell her something important and whisper to her "I quit smoking pot."

    Don't get caught, glad to help.:cool:
  6. Do you have that copied and pasted on a notes file or something. Lol. I see that post a lot.:smoke:
  7. It's different every time I write it, same concept, but different wording.:cool:
  8. He said legit things
  9. Not trying to threadjack hey guys :D
  10. What up, cutie. How's the kitchen looking?:cool:
  11. oscar i literally giggled at your post for 5 minutes. i love you yours freaking awesome

    EDIT: oh and o.p just tell her that it is your choice and that if she doesnt want you doing it then you will go somewhere else and do it and that you will still finish alll of your work and such u must do lol k bai

  12. Not like mine obviously. I just had to make some fucking microwave soup because I have no suitable means of food preparation.
  13. The kitchen is spotless and I making grilled cheese and moutain dew for dinner.

    2steps4nathan- I just lol hard
  14. Awww...The key to my heart right there, fellas.:cool:
  15. making mountain dew?
    my god shamwowgal you make your own mountain dew?
    like im not even being sarcastic im trippin over the fact that you do that
  16. Who the fuck doesn't make their own Mountain Dew?
  17. I am pretty sure you guys are just teasing me in a nice way, no that's what I mean all you have to do is take it out of the fridge , easiest recipie ever roflmao.

    or i could have said thats what I call it when I squirt lol sorry Im way too silly tonight.
  18. Either of these two work.:cool:
  19. Hm, Im doing something wrong. I just went to my fridge to take it out, and I couldnt. What am I doing wrong?:(

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