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Weed isn't addictive, Mentos are!

Discussion in 'General' started by Fadetoblack, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone else here addicted to mints? I can't control it when I eat them, when I have one, I just have to keep eating them. They are so good! Mentos are the best of all, because they are chewy and good..... Damn I just got 2 packs and I have.... 3 left. I need more, badly. I've done coke, and mentos are more addictive then that shit to me.
  2. Fruity Mentos ftw!
  3. Hells yeah, and check the post count.
  4. i was hooked on fruity mentos for a while. clean for a good 4 months now....saved me MAD money
  5. I'd say I'm addicted to gum I always have at least a pack on me. As for mints I like chop em up and snort them like yay. :)
  6. ouchkabibble
  7. My Favorite Candy of All Time:


    O, yea- the wafer shell filled with little candies on the inside​

    Mentos aren't my thing- if it's going to be chewy, it's gotta be some taffy
  8. mentos are damn good, but i'm addicted to Orange Trident.
  9. Im fucking addicted to those altoid smalls especially after smoking

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