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Weed isnt a drug??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by AlpineType420, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. This topic comes up often, it seems.

    For some reason people have a problem admitting it's a drug. They believe that they can change the definition of a word simply because there happens to be a negative stigma associated with the term.

    We already know that some drugs are considered medicines, so we know that drugs aren't ALWAYS considered a bad thing. Instead of trying to change the definition of the word (it'll never happen), we should be trying to reverse the negative stigma associated with cannabis.

    Unfortunately, when people go around saying things like, "It's a plant, not a drug," that is only hurting our cause. If we can't admit that it's a drug, how is anyone going to take us seriously? They won't.
  2. Call it what you may but just like anything too much isn't gonna be good in the long run.
  3. you mighta thought he was dead... he aint dead. he'll wake we in 3 hours hungry enough to eat up everythang in your kitchen. those are the only side effects: hungry, happy, sleepy
  4. Opium?
  5. It's a drug, but from there it's a matter of interpretation. "Drug" is a loose term if you want to go technical with the definition there.
  6. This ^ :smoke:
  7. I just wrote a 10 page paper on drugs and the first thing i said was the definition: a drug is any chemical compound that modifies how the mind and body works, and last time i checked tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical compound :rolleyes:.
  8. Alchohol is also a drug but it is talked about in the general society they don't see it as one. People see weed as a drug there for it is a "drug". It's all about what society thinks. It may not be bad when compared to other so called drugs but it is still put in that group.
  9. Bud is definetly a drug. But I think when someone says "drug", a lot of non-drug users think "bad". No matter what the case.

    So in that manner, it isn't a drug, because it's not bad.(for the most part)
  10. there ya go
  11. adrenaline is a drug.
    Hormones are a drug in the sense that a drug is a chemical compound that alters the body or mind.

    People that aren't avid users (as we all are :smoking:) look at marijuana the same way they do other drugs (such as cocaine, meth, etc.) because it's illegal (usa). I feel that us stoners, have kinda befriended this little green buddy and we all seem to develop a bias towards it.
    dont get me wrong, i love weed and i wanna spread its sweeet, sweet magic all over the world, but we just dont look at weed the same as non users of course.
    They see it as a drug, we see it as a good day.

    (im so fuckiiiing baked right now. i was typing this up and my cat sneezed and i nearly dropped my lap top. scared the shit outta me. oh fuck hahaha)
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    Because, Federal law can screw you still. Even if your buds coming from a medicinal grower in a medicinal state. This whole MMJ card is a signup so the feds know who smokes and grows. Since people take high risk growing, dealing and transporting (NOT MMJ registered cause they dont wanna get fucked.). They all risk distribution and manufacturing charges. THATS why you pay 60 an 8th. also because you know a guy who knows a chain of middle men. pushing to more people that sell. By the time it gets to the consumer its pricey.

    Find a dude who grows and get a better price bro. Or go over to the growing section here and supply

    I agree, But also what we are looking at is also personal crutches. People use painkillers as a crutch, some use marijuana, some use meth, some use liqour, some even use sugar (candy, chocolate.) It's not so much that it isn't a drug. It's the fact that our particular crutch is made out to be worse than others.

    Why is it legal to drink literal poison in a public environment at your own will when it can kill you? But they make it illegal to drive yourself home from this public place, and even walking home can get you a public intoxication charge.

    I know people who get x120 30mg Oxycodone's a month, and that is pretty much pharmaceutical heroin. He has had this script for 3 years, and he is addicted hardcore. But he can get pulled over with his 'Stash' and not get in trouble.

    BUT if we have bud, in our cars, at our house or growing in our basement. We get arrested, children taken away and made out to be Drug dealers. When we don't hurt anybody, we dont ride around all fucked up like half the people getting away with it, we don't get NEARLY as fucked up as the rest of the country that does drugs and doesnt admit it, and by drugs I mean ANYTHING that ANYBODY crutches on.

    Marijuana being illegal and made out to be bad all points back to the 30's when the oil industry and paper industry felt threatened by the economical usefulness of Hemp & Hemp seed oil. I forget the name of the guy who started the propaganda but I remember seeing it on the history channel.

    Also there is the cigarette argument but that has been said.


  13. well said moondog. The whole god created weed humans created other drugs argument just doesnt hold up. Its not like a purple kush plant just evolved naturally. "god" or nature or whatever you believe created cannabis in general, and humans then went on to modify this to suit their needs. Growing a GDP clone in your closet with very specific light and nutrient schedule sounds like more of an industrial process than a natural one to me.
    Everything has a downside...
  14. the issue is this. by definition, yes it is a drug. but when ANYONE refers to drugs, using the word drugs, it conveniently has a negative connotation. noone says, "hey dad im going to the store to get some drugs". you say "im going to get some medicine or aspirin or whatever." everyone knows the word drug by definition talks about all medicine and any chemical or whatever, but "drugs" is a term usually used when referring to BAD things such as heroin, cocaine, crack... and everyone and their grandmother react negatively to that word. the thing is, weed doesnt need that kind of stigma so people dont like to associate it with that because in society today thats how people react to the word, despite its definition.
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    you guys are making this a debate wen the answer is clear there is no such thing as a drug. weed is a plant nothing more nothing less weed isnt god weed isnt a cyanide pill its a plant that we manipulate so that we can enjoy it to the fullest
  16. weed is definitely a drug, and weed is 100% harmful to you, nothing good comes from smoking except that sweet, sweet high:)
  17. Weed is a drug, by definition. But moreover to what a previous poster was saying about connotation, I think that over time weed will finally be isolated from the usual perception of "drugs", as it is full of positive effects and deserves to be considered a "drug" no more than Aspirin or Tylenol.

    btw, poster above me. I hope there was some sarcasm involved there.
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    no sarcasm whatsoever, smoking is BAD for you plain and simple, it gives you diseases over time, turns your lungs to rock, scrambles your brains natural chemistry, and weakens your immune system. this is all fact. i simply overlook all these problems and appreciate all the positive aspects of MJ, shes just too good to ignore.

    and ask yourself, would you smoke if weed didnt get you fucked up? no, you would be like "im not gonna slowly kill myself for nothing". its about weighing pros and cons like with anything in life.
  19. dude ive been smoking for a good 10 years im healthy as horse
  20. good, im glad to hear it, doesn't negate the fact that weed is harmful. i didnt say it was going to get you hopelessly addicted and ill very fast, but smoke for 30 years and you will have caused yourself some problems. like i said its not good for you at all, but it is not an insane killer.

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