Weed is so much better than alchohol!!!!!

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    I dont know about you guys, but drinking just makes me a giant idiot, I wake up sick, you just cant control yourself when drunk. Its much less healthy than pot, yet the mainstream view of alchol is that its better for u, or healthier somehow. I've al most died from alchohol, which would never happen with pot. Hell, my point is its just a superior drug, and if everybody who drank heavily smoked, the world would b a much better place
  2. true story
  3. i agree. too bad it's not common knowledge
  4. You will get no argument from me on that! :smoke:

    Alcohol is a poison and can kill you outright, may cause cancer, and it kills brain cells! Cannabis, on the other hand....

    Marijuana Smoking Doesn't Lead to Higher Death Rate (news - 2003)
    [FONT=&quot] CCRMG[/FONT]

    Cannabis reverses brain damage from alcohol (news - 2008)

    [/FONT] Marijuana May Prevent Cancer, Not Cause It (news - 2008)

    To learn more about how cannabis is so VERY superior to alcohol, click that first link in my sig! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  5. Hell yeah, Marijuana > Alcohol anyday. I do also enjoy alcohol though. You just have to learn your limits.
  6. actually moderately drinking(anything but binge drinking) is good for you. though its bad for your liver and brain cells:(
  7. such a currupt government, I dont trust them at all
  8. I personally love both ! The fermenting of alcohol occurs naturally and the growing of marijuana occurs naturally so both should be for everyone to enjoy.

    I'm kinda the party type i'd have to say so alcohol is so much fun but with weed i can smoke everyday and have a great time throughout my day. Alcohol i reserve for certain nights though.

    Also if you wake up sick the next morning, try to not mix drinks or drink dirty liquors (whisky/scotch especially). Or you can just smoke some weed to get over the hangover :D
  9. I agree 110% but why is this in toking tools? Haha
  10. Weed is more awesome, but not much help if you're tryna get drunk. or drunkerer.
  11. I have severe and permanent stomach and digestive system problems thatcaused me to miss almost 4 months of work and 3 months of school, not to mention constant pain and nausea, that i still experience today, because of alcohol.
  12. This is so true..
    I was drinking everyday for 2 years.. Big bottle of Jack Daniels lasted me for 2nights.. Half the first night, second half the next day..
    I am working and studying part time so drank in the evenings, felt pretty much miserable the whole way..

    Started smoking a few month ago.. Since then i bought alcohol once! 2 bottles of beer, 1 is still in the fridge! :D

    I'm not saying that I won't drink at all, occasional drink is okey I guess, but I can clearly see the difference now.. I'm feeling more alive then ever.. And I think I'm quite happy.. ;) or stoned :smoke:
  13. Smoke and get high but not baked then get drunk as fuck and get super stoned after you will be FUCKED :p
  14. I prefer bud over alcohol everday. If just drink alcohol wtf are you doing with your life?
  15. it is on this forum :hello:
  16. Alcohols fucking nasty ima go smoke a j haha

    Alcohol sucks ass
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  18. agreed but disagree when you say you cant control yourself on alcohol.
    i'm always coherent and fully capable of knowing what i'm doing when intoxicated. even when i'm 12 shots in.
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    You must be on something else.

    Because I cant control shit, even my body's motor reflexes correctly. Ive had multiple situation's where I couldn't climb fences, run, walk over curbs, the rest I cant remember. I know when I'm getting drunk though, I cant control myself almost at all, you just get so confused because the alcoholism is numbing everything on your body, and in your brain.

    I've seen people binge drink fast enough to make them blind in-front of your eyes.Recently a friend chugged some beer, and he got so drunk he had to sit against a wall, drooling, and mumbling, and asking what was 10 inches in-front of his face, because he couldn't see a single thing. Ive had dozens of friends drink till they cant stand, and almost go threw alcoholic poisoning. If alcohol is abused, it can kill you ass in an hour flat.

    If everybody bought 2 onions of bud for them selves and smoked it, smoked it smoked it. They would wake up the next day probably still high but alive.

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