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Weed is Powerful

Discussion in 'General' started by dave209rider559, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Just like how people here like tasting things and touching sexy things and seeing beautiful things, and listening to emotional things, I have the special ability and the ability that some people don't use; The ability to smell things very good and powerfully, and the ability to notice smells from long distances and comprehend multiple smells and faint smells simultaneously, and compare them to certain foods or chemicals.

    I have noticed after smoking weed that my armpits and fart will smell like weed, particularly my armpits will smell almost exactly like weed, and that my piss smell becomes really strong and powerful, kinda like a dank weed strain.
  2. Sometimes I'll make a coffee w/ 4-6 espresso shots, and my piss will literally smell like fresh brewed coffee an hour later.
  3. Ha! That's interesting.. never noticed it with tha herbals. Eat some asparagus..
  4. Speed Stick and Beano are your friends :)
  5. Farts, Armpits, and Piss... awesome thread!
  6. Eat a full pound of asparagus and drink a full liter of coffee within 2, 3 hours. Go ass to mouth on a woman you don't respect and finish in her mouth.

    Watch her face as the poison goes down.

    I'm here all night.
  7. Either you need professional help or a shower.
  8. man i thought i was the only one with that problem it seems as though if i smoke too much of the kind my body sweat also smells like pot. especialy if i am sick with the cold or something of that nature ya know the nature of having a fever
  9. I noticed after I eat some campbells chunky soup, my sweat afterwards will smell of the beef soup. mmmm, beef.
  10. dude i thought i was trippin about this im glad that shit happens to someone else haha

    like a year ago i was sittin in class and someone i knew walked by me right after i farted and it smelled like weed so i was like dude did u just go in the bathroom and smoke or something? and he gave me a weird ass look and was like wtf no and i told him he smelled like bud and he was just like wtf and sat down. then i farted again after that and smelled weed again and realized where it was commin from and felt like a dumbass lol

    sorry if this is rly long or confusing im high as hell:smoking:

  11. Dude +rep Best idea I've heard all day.
  12. [​IMG]

    is this you op
  13. omg omg omg ... I thought it was time to turn myself in a mental institution for sure, smelling weed out of my farts and piss. I even told people about this and they looked at my like I was retarded orsomething. Omg so we really just have good smell or something. Interesting. I was 100% sure I was hallucinating smells :laughing:
  14. this thread has some epic post man.

    i believe i allso have in my past smelt body odours of that of weed
  15. When I wake up in the morning after an epic smokeout, the first piss of the day always smells like weed.
  16. yea my piss smells like coffee after i drink it. never noticed armpits or anything with weed. Does anybody's shit ever smell like weed? like not all the time but i remember one time i was at my grandmas house in the bathroom doing my business and it smelled like it. i thought someone was gonna walk in after me and question me lol. maybe it just smelled skunky or something idk. . .

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